Integrating AI with Blockchain

Integrating AI with Blockchain
Integrating AI with Blockchain, Image by macrovector on Freepik

Integrating Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain

Technology is increasing rapidly creating significant changes in the universe at large, such as the evolution of AI (artificial intelligence) which has helped in the execution of enormous tasks that can take humans a lot of time. Integrating AI with blockchain has helped and will continue to prove the blockchain world a reliable and secure tech.
Virtually, a blockchain is an encrypted network that helps keep a set of data while also recording transactions across its network. It is a secure immutably decentralized network that is transparent. The use of blockchain has reduced the risk and as well reduced the costs of exchanging data.

Correlation Between AI And Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence has come to stay and has kept on contributing Its best in the blockchain-a transparent and encrypted network to a detailed, more secure, and trustworthy one. Is that not great? Thanks to technological improvement. The integration of AI with blockchain has made it protect it from any security bridge, by guiding it against cyber-attacks. Just like a bullion van being guided by armed security personnel so are artificial intelligence and blockchain.

AI with blockchain has diverse importance. Traders and investors may deploy artificial intelligence to bring more profits to their portfolios while reducing the risk of loss and going to the extreme of predicting a scam project. Artificial Intelligence integration with blockchain will also predict the nature of the digital currency–since cryptocurrency is based on blockchain and with how artificial intelligence (AI) can sentimentally analyze and at the same on a matter assess humans’ feelings. This aforementioned means that artificial intelligence will reduce human stress in the setting of a chart which takes a lot of skills, to be able to predict if a market will fall or surge.

The importance of artificial intelligence cannot be disregarded as it goes a long way to perform the enormous task of collecting large quantities of data from blockchain either an increase in the market, decline, or neutral, and analyzing it. Naturally, it will take a skillful person lot of time to analyze the sentiments of cryptocurrency but AI perform in a faster capacity.

What About Blockchain?

Gartner said,
“The business value provided by blockchain will reach $176 billion by 2025 and $3.1 trillion by 2030. AI will contribute $391 billion in business value by 2025”.

Blockchain is of two categories; the private blockchain and the public blockchain. Blockchain records the transactions of encrypted data. It then stores and secures anything done on it like payment, accounts, production, orders, and many more.

A private blockchain is only accessible to a limited number of individuals with an invitation. it is also possible to know each other in a private blockchain. Furthermore, transactions are faster on it in comparison to a public blockchain, where its user doesn’t know each other. Ethereum is an example of a public blockchain where anyone performs transactions.

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with blockchain will boost the security of blockchain to the maximum, improve the efficiency of blockchain, and reduce loss by predicting the sentiment of possible market decline, and more.

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