AlienSwap Raises $12 Million in Funding

AlienSwap, the fastest-growing NFT marketplace on the Ethereum network, has closed a $12 million investment round, with NEXT Leader Capital and C² Ventures as top investors in the round. A strategic investment from OKX Ventures followed this.

AlienSwap Raises $12 Million in Funding
AlienSwap Raises $12 Million in Funding

Araceae Capital, BIP32 Venture, Hyper10n Capital, Eureka Trading, Mission Street Ventures, Phyrex, and others also participated.

“The funding will be targeted at expanding the AlienSwap engineering team, developing innovative liquidity tools and NFT trading products, and enhancing users’ trading experience through increased investment in NFT infrastructure,”

Ying Mu, AlienSwap founder

Dora Yue, OKX Ventures founder, said: “With NFTs trading volume reaching $24.7 billion in 2022, OKX Ventures is optimistic about the development of the NFT industry in the long term, and we’ve already made plans for multiple NFT projects.

The goal of OKX Ventures investment is to help AlienSwap become more efficient in the NFT marketplace and reshape the competitor landscape of the sector.”

AlienSwap currently sits in third place in daily active users and fifth in daily trading volume on the Ethereum network. This new investment gives AlienSwap a shot at becoming the top NFT marketplace.

In addition, the community-based NFT marketplace announced the launch of AlienSwap Pro and the NFT Space Race Airdrop for the coming week, promising the space race airdrop rewards to be 2-5 times the amount of the Period1 airdrops

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