Index Price, Fair Price and Latest Transaction Price

Users see the three difference prices, i.e. Index Price, Fair Price and Latest Transaction Price on futures trading page. Then, how do we know the meaning and difference among those three prices?

Looking for price types

You can check three prices on the futures trading page. And usually they won’t have much difference in exact numbers.

Price types in trading terminal

Definition of Three Prices

Index Price is the weight average price of the spot prices selected from at least three different exchanges and given different weights by MEXC.

Fair Price is the Index price with the capital cost basis rate, uniquely designed by MEXC. The fair price marking system is for avoiding unnecessary liquidation on highly leveraged products. Fair price is mainly used to calculate the unrealized loss and liquidation of position, which means the liquidation or automatic deleveraging is based on the fair price instead of the latest transaction price.

Calculation of the Fair Price

Funding Basis = Funding Rate * (Time Until Funding / Funding Interval)

Fair Price= Index Price * (1+Funding Basis)

The latest transaction price is the real-time market traded price in MEXC Futures.


Three prices in MEXC Futures are provided to give more information to users. You can place a stop order with different types of prices to reach the best trading experience you would like to have.

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