How to participate in MEXC Kickstarter and get free airdrops

MEXC Kickstarter is a launch event activity at the pre-launch stage of a project in which the project initiates voting for the launch on MEXC, and then airdrops its tokens for free to all successful voting use. It only accepts MX Token in the vote and the winning project will provide free airdrops to MEXC users.

How to participate in MEXC Kickstarter and Get Free Airdrops?

Kickstarter Participation method

Firstly, you need to have MX in your spot account. You can buy MX Token in the MEXC spot market. Then go to the Kickstarter page from the top menu bar and select any project that is in voting.

Then enter the amount of MX token you would like to vote for and also read the risk notice. And finally, click on [Vote] to participate in the event.

The MX tokens used for voting will be temporarily locked during the event period and will be unlocked within an hour once the event concludes. You can vote as many times as you wish before the voting period ends.

For example, if you have participated in CRF or STARS Kickstarter events. You may also be able to join the SLRS Kickstarter event since the MX Token has been unlocked.

Voting Participation Rate: Total Voting Value / Total Reward Token Value (value units will be converted to USDT).

The airdrop rewards will be distributed proportionally within an hour according to the total votes of all users once the event ends. 

MEXC Kickstarter usually will last half a day and the token will be traded the same day or the next day of the Kickstarter event.

There is usually a Special Reward that 500 users with total assets exceeding 1,000 USDT and who have voted in this session of Kickstarter will be selected at random to receive a 10 USDT Futures Bonus.

Closing thoughts

MEXC Kickstarter gives users a chance to learn more about newly listed projects and meanwhile generous earnings. For specific rules, please pay close attention to the announcements of each event.

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