MEXC Top 10 Hot Projects in the Last 7 Days(8/15-8/21)

From MEXC’s overall trading data of spot trading, ETF trading and futures trading, the most popular mainstream tokens are BTC, ETH,XRP and MATIC; other popular tokens are STG,UFO,BRISE, VINU, CEL, AZERO,BABYDOGE,LOVELY,BONE, SHIB and MX.

Stargate Finance(STG) is an Ethereum token that powers the Stargate Finance ecosystem. Stargate Finance is a cross-chain bridge solution built on LayerZero that makes cross-chain token trading easy, simple, and seamless between various blockchains.

Stargate Finance has accrued over $1.9 billion in total value locked (TVL) in less than a week after launching.Stargate markets itself as a liquidity transport protocol that allows users to transact native assets cross-chain, offering decentralized finance (DeFi) users the option of staking stablecoins in pools where they are paid out in the native Stargate token (STG).

Stargate is currently live on seven primary chains including Ethereum , Polygon , Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain , Fantom , Optimism and Arbitrum.

Stargate raised $135 million in a round co-led by Sequoia Capital, FTX Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz and with participation from Coinbase Ventures, PayPal Ventures, Tiger Global, Uniswap Labs, and more.

UFO Gaming(UFO) is a decentralized gaming platform with play-to-earn elements, NFTs, and DeFi functionality like staking. Its first game is Super Galactic, an RPG/arcade action game with its own NFT collection combined with an auto battler. UFO Gaming is built on Ethereum, but its games are integrated with Immutable X, a layer-two scaling solution for NFT projects on Ethereum.

Bitgert (BRISE) is a crypto engineering project launched in July 2021 that specializes in blockchain products and auditing solutions. Initially, Bitgert was built on BSC chain and used BNB to pay rewards. However, one of the most significant Bitgert developments was presented in 2022: the BRC20 blockchain.It offers near-zero gas fees and high speed cross-chain transactions. More specifically, the gas fee is $0.0000000000001 per transaction, while the supported throughput is up to 100,000 TPS.

After listing on MEXC, the highest gain was 464%.

Vita Inu (VINU) is the governance token of the VINU Ecosystem and is native token of the Vite DAG chain. VINU is the world’s first fast, feeless (and cheeky) dog-themed coin with high TPS and smart contracts.

VINU’s philosophy is to have fun, make new friends, and learn all about the greatest technological revolution of our lifetimes – cryptocurrency – within an engaging, viral ecosystem. In conjunction with the Vite network, Vita Inu seeks to play its part in building large DAG ecosystems where various cryptocurrencies may be moved around freely, securely, and efficiently.

Celsius(CEL)is a banking and financial services platform for cryptocurrency users. The network is an interest income and lending platform that hopes to outperform traditional banks and provide transparent financial services, quick transactions and equal access to users. Loans from Celsius are asset-backed to ensure the safety of the fund, while returns on savings and deposits are relatively higher. CEL, as the native token of Celsius platform, brings potential earning opportunities for holders and platform users through staking, loan payment discounts, etc.

Aleph Zero (AZERO) is a privacy-enhancing, Proof-of-Stake public blockchain with instant finality. Its enterprise-ready, high-performance network is built on a novel, Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)-based consensus protocol that has been peer-reviewed and presented at an ACM conference. Aleph Zero uses the DAG as an intermediary data structure, but can still be categorized as a blockchain. To date, Aleph Zero raised $20 m for continued development, integrating with the Substrate stack, and expanding the team.

The highest yield after listing on MEXC was 3009%.

Baby Doge(BABYDOGE) is the third generation of community meme coins. Because of an accidental opportunity, Musk teased DOGE and changed the original terms of ‘baby shark’ in the lyrics of the song, Baby Shark, into baby doge, resulting in a sharp rise in its price. The FOMO sentiments in the market and the coin holders’ addresses of 1.54 million justify its popularity.

Lovely Inu(LOVELY) is fully decentralized and owned by its love and vibrant community. Lovely Inu welcomes and embraces diverse perspectives to build LOVELY into the best community in crypto. LOVELY’s mission is to bring popular cryptocurrency concepts to the mainstream. Unlike older, comparable projects, LOVELY introduces holders to next-gen concepts such as frictionless yield, NFTs, decentralized exchanges, and more.

Bone ShibaSwap(BONE) is a governance token of Shibaswap ecosystem which will allow the #ShibArmy to vote on upcoming proposals. The more BONE the user holds, the more weight their vote carries in these future endeavours. BONE has 250,000,000 tokens, and is designed to fit perfectly between the previous two tokens in regards to circulation supply.

Ethereum(ETH)is a decentralized open-source blockchain system build by Vitalik Buterin. It allows the operation of smart contracts and Dapps. As the second high market value asset, ETH2.0 network upgrade has become the focus in 2022.Ethereum will switch to proof-of-stake(PoS) with its Ethereum 2.0 update.This will not only change the infrastructure but also improve the efficiency a lot.It is reported that Ethereum developers plan to merge ETH 2.0 on September 19.

For the last testnet proof-of-stake transition, Goerli will merge with Prater. The combined Goerli/Prater network will retain the Goerli name post-merge. The merge will consist of two steps. The first is Bellatrix upgrade on the Prater Beacon Chain . This is expected to start at 12:24pm UTC on August 4,2022.Paris, the execution layer’s portion of the transition, will trigerred by reaching a Terminal Total Difficulty(TTD) of 10790000 on Goerli, expected between August 6-12,2022.

Since the announcement of merge date, the Ethereum ecosystem increased a lot.The below chart compares the price changes of the top projects on Ethereum ecosystem.

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