Hong Kong to Initiate Trading of Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs on April 30

Key Points: 

  • Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission has approved the first batch of spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs, scheduled to start trading on April 30.
  • The ETFs will utilize an in-kind creation model, allowing for direct exchanges of BTC and ETH for new ETF shares and enhancing efficiency.
  • Expected to spur competition, the upcoming ETFs could see issuers lowering fees, with projections hinting at robust demand.
Hong Kong to Initiate Trading of Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs on April 30
Hong Kong to Initiate Trading of Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs on April 30

Hong Kong is set to welcome the trading of its first spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs, on April 30. The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) recently greenlit these cryptocurrency investment products, heralding a significant development in Hong Kong’s digital assets space. Additionally, this move aligns Hong Kong with global financial trends where such ETFs are already operational.

Notably, the ETFs will employ an in-kind creation and redemption model. This method contrasts sharply with the US approach, where transactions are predominantly cash-based. Consequently, the Hong Kong model promotes greater efficiency and opens up more arbitrage opportunities. This feature is particularly appealing because it enables direct exchanges of underlying crypto assets for ETF units, thereby enhancing transaction transparency and efficiency.

Growing ETF Interest in Asia Market

Moreover, the ETFs are arriving at a time when global interest in digital assets continues to surge. They promise to offer both retail and institutional investors a regulated and potentially more secure avenue for investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to Thomas Zhu, head of digital assets at China Asset Management, these ETFs will simplify the process of converting cryptocurrencies into regulated investment vehicles.

Bloomberg ETF analyst James Seyffart anticipates that the ETFs could ignite competitive fee offerings in the market. Initial reports suggest that fees will be structured competitively, with some as low as 0.3% after certain waivers are applied. This structure could potentially trigger a fee war among issuers, aiming to attract more investors by offering the lowest possible costs.

Furthermore, the success of similar funds in the US, which have gathered significant assets, underscores the potential market demand in Hong Kong. Market analysts believe that the new ETFs could amass up to $1 billion in assets under management within the next two years. Such growth would be significant, especially considering the current economic landscape and the burgeoning interest in digital currencies across Asia.


Despite the enthusiasm, the full development of Hong Kong’s virtual asset ETF infrastructure might take time. This gradual progression will allow more participants to enter the market, likely boosting liquidity and stabilizing market conditions.

The introduction of these ETFs is a strategic step for Hong Kong. It aims to cement its status as a hub for digital assets, particularly at a time when the main Chinese market remains restrictive towards cryptocurrency trading. The launch also coincides with the growing global acceptance of digital currencies despite ongoing regulatory challenges in many regions.

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