MEXC AMA StrongNode Edge – Session with Daniel Satio

In this Telegram AMA recap, you’ll find insights about the StrongNode Edge project. In an event hosted by Iris from MEXC, you will meet Musktoshi and Daniel, CEO and Co-founder of StrongNode Edge.

MEXC AMA with StrongNode Edge


My name is Daniel, I am the CEO and Co-Founder of StrongNode Edge. Been in technology for 30+ years and haven’t stopped ever since. Our team comes from the industry’s best in talent as we are an engineering first organization and want to develop decentralized apps and lay down the infrastructure for Web 3.0

I have been working in this industry since I was16. I was self-taught in programming and this has driven me to work harder. I started 2 ISPs in both the USA (dedicated to gaming) and Japan (consumer ISP). I worked with a team that deployed 2 satellites into space for a News Corp venture in Japan. I also worked at the NTT DoCoMo R&D for designing the framework for the “security enclave” in 4G devices. Eventually, I ran a widely successful open-source database company called MySQL. I have advised and worked on various other projects in the past like WAX, Bluzelle, OST, and others.

Questions about the StrongNode Edge project:

Question 1:

Iris: What is StrongNode Edge? Can you share with us more in detail?

Daniel: StrongNode is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service technology company that powers companies globally through its next generation of edge networking by uniquely harvesting a trifecta of idle compute resources and leveraging edge computing and blockchain technologies. We are delivering an on-demand, secure, and scalable node technology that will fundamentally reshape the future of how increasingly valuable compute resources are accessed and monetized. 

StrongNode aims to build a virtualized infrastructure where $SNE can be earned by providing “resources” to the StrongNode Edge Network.

If Airbnb is a hotel service without owning no rooms, if Uber is a transportation company without owning any transport; StrongNode is Web 3.0 infrastructure without any servers.

Question 2:

Iris: What are StrongNode Edge’s unique selling points as compared to other similar projects in the industry?

Daniel: We wanted to solve the scalability issue and the need for an alternative and cost-efficient solution in computing and data processing for large-scale enterprises all the way to small-medium businesses. We want to build solutions for real-world problems. 

Our approach has an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) aspect where we understand that there is a “significant” digital footprint at the mass consumer level that can be retooled and refocused to help process “data” on the edge network (last mile). We hope to crack the digital divide issue and e-waste issue at the same time with the StrongNode Edge technology and the promotion of Green Mining through harvesting idle compute resources from devices: CPU/GPU cycles, network bandwidth, and storage.

Question 3:

Iris: What is the role of the $SNE token in StrongNode Edge? Would you tell us more about its tokenomics?

Daniel: The native token of the StrongNode economy is $SNE ( We have vendors willing to rent out computing time and resources in exchange for $SNE ( token and it also forms the backbone of our wider ecosystem’s economy. Our $SNE ( token can be used on our platform for our Enterprise or Retail and End User services (Edge Enterprise), Edge Seeders or the individuals with the compute resources, and the Edge Innovators or projects running on the StrongNode Edge technology.

While all employees and advisors of StrongNode remain locked up with 4-year vesting options and the presale token holders get 10% on TGE with the rest vested within a 6-month period, the public sale token holders can get 20% at TGE with the rest vested within a 4-month period. In terms of tokenomics, you may get more information on our website at

Iris: FYI, $SNE is now available to buy on MEXC 👉

Daniel: For your consideration!

Question 4:

Iris: Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to StrongNode Edge that you would like to share with the users?

Daniel: Well a lot has happened since our very first CEX listing with MEXC. So thank you once again to the MEXC community to help us launch our first CEX exchange. We are just getting started with StrongNode updates. First, we would like to share the good news of having $SNE ( listed on CEX platforms: first at MEXC, then DigiFinex, and the most recent listing at LAToken. We will be rolling out more CEX/DEX listing updates in the coming weeks.

Our team is working hard in the preparation for the launch of our MVP: the StrongNode dVPN or decentralized Virtual Private Network. We are also working on building the StrongNode ID dashboard and bridge. For all the latest StrongNode technical updates, please check our Medium page for our StrongNode ( Developer Diaries ( episodes.

You can find it in the audio format on

Question 5:

Iris: If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

Daniel: EDGE

Why? We are StrongNode (, the Infrastructure-as-a-Service tech company delivering on-demand node technology that leverages “EDGE” device computing and is supercharged by blockchain technology.

Remember to watch the YouTube video!

Free-asking Session

Q1. According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority?


We have a lot in our roadmap, just this month alone we are working on completing the bridge between MATIC <—> ETH and providing liquidity on UNISWAP, so that is exciting!

We are working overtime on developing our dVPN solution so we can offer VPN access in a decentralized fashion, we have hired talented engineering from around the world to develop on top of OpenVPN3

Our dashboard to sync your wallet and your digital devices is complete and we are backtesting and testing it for security. We are having all our codes checked and certified by a third party.

Just came back from Los Angeles last week after attending NFT LA and having several strategic meetings. Also had a chance to have a meeting with (former POTUS candidate Andrew Yang) and discussed how StrongNode was inspired by Mr. Yang’s proposal for Universal Base Income, he like the fact that how startups have been taking the call to action on trying to come up with a solution to tackle UBI at an enterprise level.

Q2. Do you have any Bug Bounty to check for weakness? In what way do you plan to make Your project more complete??


Yes, we will be coming up with a partnership with third-party “White hat hacking” company to manage the bug bounty and security audits for every bit of code we release.

Q3. Are you a global project or a local project? At present, which market are you focused on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users, and partners?


We have been a global project from day one.  We have well over 40+ employees around the world, with a follow the Sun development cycle. (this isn’t our first rodeo in developing in a decentralized fashion).

See MySQL, or MariaDB ( We all worked remotely to build a multibillion-dollar free open-source database solution.

Q4. Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?


Yes, as our former success like MySQL ( and MariaDB we heavily leaned on our community, in our heyday we received about 80K downloads per day, with our community to support the product! So you can bet that we have a firm community strategy at play here, as they will be our first early users to seed the network.

Q5. Please tell me, how can I buy your tokens right now?And which wallet supports your token? thanks


You can purchase the StrongNode Edge token right now at MEXC!

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