Start moving more often because GREEN SATOSHI token (GST) is going live on MEXC

GST or GREEN SATOSHI TOKEN is the game token for STEPN Project. It is now live on MEXC Exchange and the battle to step up the game is just getting hotter. Let’s understand STEPN and its gaming token GST – GREEN SATOSHI TOKEN in detail.


What is STEPN?

Stepn is a Web3 lifestyle app that has loads of Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements inbuilt and is built around a really essential activity for almost everyone on earth – walking and moving around. Stepn lifestyle app is the first one to bring the move and earn concept to life so efficiently that they managed to finish 4th out of the 500+ projects who took part in the Solana Ignition Hackathon 2021.

All you need to do is equip yourself with NFTs in the form of sneakers and as you walk, run, jog, you start earning game currency, which in turn is used within the game or you also have an option to cash it out for profit.

A healthier lifestyle with Game-Fi is the ultimate goal for Stepn which in turn also helps reduce individuals’ carbon footprint and fight climate change, all this while connecting the general audience with Web 3.0. Stepn is still in its Public Beta Phase and a lot can change as it grows.


GST which is Green Satoshi Token is the Game token for Stepn which has an unlimited supply and its minting happens as a user moves as mentioned above in solo or background mode.

GST Burning

GST is burned as the user does any of the following:

  1. Repairs
  2. Resetting Sneaker Attributes
  3. Mints Shoes
  4. Level Up Sneakers
  5. Upgrade Gems
  6. Socket Unlocking

GST Earning

GST is earned for every minute of movement a user does and is mainly dependent of the following 4 factors:

  1. What type of Sneaker a user has –  Every sneaker has a different base GST returns and the sneaker attributes section on the official website or the app gives a detailed breakdown of all sneakers.
  2. Sneaker’s Efficiency Attribution – Simple logic is the higher the efficiency for a particular sneaker the more you earn as GST per minute. Users from Level 0 to Level 29 are eligible to earn GST, with an option to switch to GMT – Green Metaverse Token which is the governance token for Stepn and we will cover it later. Users can always choose between the two anytime they want.
  3. Sneaker’s Comfort Attribution – The higher the comfort level, the more GMT earned per minute and as earlier users can choose between GMT and GST earnings once they reach Level 30.
  4. Speed of Movement – One really smart way to maximize your earnings is by staying within the optimal speed range defined for your respective sneaker. 

There are a lot more ways to earn GST which includes Mystery Box and a few others which are Under Development like Marathon Mode, Leaderboard, Rewards, Background Mode etc. We will wait for them to come to fruition and to see it in action.

How to buy GST/USDT – Green Satoshi Token ?

If you are excited about GST and Stepn here’s where you can buy it here – GST/USDT. If you are still not registered with MEXC you are missing out on a lot of gems out there. Register using this link here and begin your crypto journey  – MEXC Signup

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