Galxe Distributes Over $466,000 in USDT as Compensation After Cyber Attack

Key Points:

  • Galxe distributes $466,000+ in USDT to compensate users after a cyber attack.
  • Galxe’s commitment to user security and satisfaction sets a positive example in the crypto industry.
  • This proactive response underscores the importance of trust and accountability in the crypto space.

Galxe, a prominent Web3 authentication network, has successfully distributed $466,296.74 in USDT on the Polygon network to display a commitment to its user community. This generous distribution covers the losses incurred by users following a recent cyber attack. It also includes an additional 10% of the total amount to reassure and compensate affected individuals.

Galxe Distributes Over $466,000 in USDT as Compensation After Cyber Attack
Galxe Distributes Over $466,000 in USDT as Compensation After Cyber Attack

Galxe’s Generous Compensation Efforts

Galxe, known for its data verification services, was the target of a cyber attack that had significant repercussions for its user base, leaving them understandably concerned and uncertain about its security. In response to this incident, Galxe wasted no time in taking swift action to safeguard its users and restore their trust.

The company issued a resolute statement, promising full compensation for any losses resulting from the breach. Galxe’s unwavering dedication to user security and satisfaction sets it apart, as exemplified by its decision to distribute an extra 10% on top of the initial amount lost.

The distribution of $466,296.74 in USDT on the Polygon network underscores Galxe’s unwavering commitment to its users and willingness to go the extra mile to make amends. This act of goodwill aims to cover the financial losses incurred by affected users and clearly demonstrates Galxe’s determination to prioritize user security and well-being.

The Importance of Trust in the Crypto Industry

This proactive response from Galxe sends a powerful message to the cryptocurrency community. It emphasizes the importance of trust and accountability within the industry, especially when security breaches occur. The crypto space has seen its fair share of cyber attacks, and how companies like Galxe handle such incidents is pivotal in maintaining the trust and confidence of their users.

The distribution of over $466,000 in USDT, coupled with the additional 10%, is a testament to Galxe’s steadfast commitment to its community and sets a commendable example for other organizations grappling with similar challenges. This proactive approach mitigates the immediate impact of the cyber attack and fosters a sense of security and trust among Galxe’s user base.


Galxe’s response to the recent cyber attack showcases its dedication to its users. It also reinforces the importance of prioritizing security and accountability in the cryptocurrency industry. This distribution of funds serves as a beacon of hope, assuring users that their losses are being addressed. Meanwhile, they are setting a positive precedent for the wider crypto community. Galxe’s commitment is a testament to the principles of trust and responsibility that should underpin the crypto world.

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