Galactic Holdings Secures $6.25 Million in Series A Funding for TruBit Expansion in Latin America

In a significant milestone for the cryptocurrency sector, Galactic Holdings, the parent company of the innovative cryptocurrency platform TruBit, has successfully closed a substantial $6.25 million Series A funding round. The funding round, led by industry giants Galaxy Interactive and Dragonfly, also saw participation from SHK and other prominent investors. The CEO of TruBit has expressed excitement about the infusion of capital, outlining plans to utilize the funds strategically for the expansion of TruBit’s influence in the Latin American region, with a special emphasis on the Argentine market.

Galactic Holdings Secures $6.25 Million in Series A Funding for TruBit Expansion in Latin America
Galactic Holdings Secures $6.25 Million in Series A Funding for TruBit Expansion in Latin America

Series A Funding Round

The recent Series A funding round marks a pivotal moment in Galactic Holdings’ journey, showcasing the industry’s confidence in the potential of TruBit. Galaxy Interactive and Dragonfly spearheaded the funding efforts, bringing their extensive experience and strategic insights to the table. SHK and other contributors have joined forces to bolster Galactic Holdings’ vision for TruBit’s growth in the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency.

Latin American Expansion Focus

The allocation of funds for TruBit’s expansion in the Latin American region underscores the company’s commitment to fostering cryptocurrency adoption in emerging markets. With a primary focus on the Argentine market, TruBit aims to capitalize on the growing interest and demand for innovative blockchain solutions. The infusion of capital is expected to fuel TruBit’s initiatives in enhancing accessibility, user experience, and overall market presence in the Latin American crypto ecosystem.

Strategic Utilization of Funds

The CEO of TruBit has outlined a clear roadmap for the utilization of the newly acquired funds. The strategic focus lies in expanding the platform’s reach, improving infrastructure, and implementing tailored solutions to address the specific needs of the Latin American user base. This approach aligns with TruBit’s mission to democratize access to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, ensuring that users in the region can benefit from a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Previous Funding Success

This Series A funding round follows on the heels of Galactic Holdings’ announcement in April of this year, where the company successfully secured $10 million in a Pre-Series A funding round. Led by BAI Capital, the round witnessed participation from a diverse group of investors, including Animoca Brands, Y2Z Ventures, Longling Capital, Head & Shoulders, TKX Digital Group, Perseverance Capital, and Palm Drive Capital. The collective support from these investors underscores the industry’s recognition of TruBit’s potential and Galactic Holdings’ strategic vision.


Galactic Holdings’ successful completion of the $6.25 million Series A funding round for TruBit marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey. With a clear focus on expanding operations in the Latin American region, specifically targeting the Argentine market, TruBit is poised for accelerated growth and influence. The strategic allocation of funds, coupled with the industry’s continued support, positions Galactic Holdings and TruBit as key players in shaping the future of cryptocurrency adoption and innovation in Latin America.

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