Building with the Bear – From the Ashes to the Fire – R3WIND

Building with the Bear - From the Ashes to the Fire - R3WIND
Building with the Bear – From the Ashes to the Fire – R3WIND

R3WIND – From the Ashes of Blockbuster to the Fires of Evolution – Building with the Bear Market Makes a Difference

The team behind the attempt to acquire Blockbuster, made moves during the previous Bear Market to establish a new self-branded project that took what could have been and turned it into what they were aiming to do all along, revolutionizing the entertainment industry.

Instead of curling up into a ball in some dark basement where projects go to die, this team was quietly working away at “Rewinding the future” and building something new during some of the worst market conditions cryptocurrency has seen.

Making a statement in pushing forward while so many others went dormant, is why it matters to pay attention and recognize those projects that didn’t give up and didn’t give in, to the Bear.

What is R3WIND?

R3WIND is a new collaborative media ecosystem. It is changing the way artists and creators come together to build communities and benefit from power in numbers.

R3WIND looks to enable artists with new ways to earn money through their content. It also allows artists to build their own television channels with blockchain technology.

One of the standout features of R3WIND is the ability for communities of artists to create their own channels. This allows them to showcase their content to a wider audience. Furthermore, it can cross-pollinate with other creators in their genre, and also create a community around their work.

R3WIND is also designed to be collaborative. Meaning, artists can work together to create content that is greater than the sum of its parts. This is especially important for creative communities that live video. It allows them to pool their resources and create something truly unique.

Looking at how the NFT and entertainment industries have been merging together, the possibilities for more projects like R3WIND to pop up in marketplaces are growing rapidly.

Launching later this year at R3WIND is the Pilot Season NFT. This is an opportunity for artists to get in on the ground floor of the R3WIND ecosystem, and to help shape its development.

The NFT gives artists the power to create their own channels. They also invite others to create channels and weigh in on product development. This is an excellent opportunity for artists who are part of a larger artist community, as well as for organizations that want to foster an organic creative community.

By leveraging the power of blockchain technology during harsh bear market conditions, R3WIND continued to drive forward with their ideas, making it possible for artists to earn through their content and build their own television channels.


If you’re interested in joining the R3WIND community, be sure to apply for the Pilot Season NFT and help shape the future of collaborative media.

Follow R3WIND on their Social channels and get an early start learning about this smart project before it gets listed.





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