Cosmos ecosystem NFT blockchain Aura Network investment research analysis

Aura Network (AURA/USDT – Trade it here) is an NFR-centric layer 1 blockchain based on Cosmos SDK. The protocol provides users with functions such as NFT minting, tracking, and trading, which helps to accelerate the adoption of NFTs in different fields around the world and aims to be a pioneer in future NFT infrastructure. The Aura ecosystem can be divided into 4 layers.

Aura Network Investment Research Analysis
Aura Network Investment Research Analysis

Infrastructure of Aura Network

Contains all resources related to the underlying blockchain platform, including node client Aurad and all resources such as genesis blocks, configuration files, and deployment services serving the Aura Network blockchain.

Aura Network Token

The Aura ecosystem has 2 native currencies, Aura Coin and Aura Token on the BNB smart chain. Aura also supports the creation of CW20 tokens, similar to other blockchains using the CosmWasm module.

Aura Network DApps

Apps that provide users with a rich experience when using DeFi and NFTs.

  • AuraWallet – Aura Network’s encrypted wallet, currently supports Coin98 wallet and Keplr, etc.
  • AuraScan – A blockchain explorer with additional tailored features such as governance, staking, NFTs, notifications, and others for Aura holders.
  • NFT Hub – A one-stop destination for the Aura community to interact with NFTs and the Metaverse.
  • Aura DEX – Decentralized exchange based on Aura’s CW-20 token.
  • Playground – A web-based smart contract IDE for developers, inspired by the Ethereum Remix IDE.
  • Aura Bridge – bridge, used for exchanging assets between EVM based blockchains and Aurachain.
  • Aura NFT Market – Project’s NFT market
  • Launchpad – Provide technical, financial and business promotion support for NFT projects built on the Aura chain.
  • Aura Safe – Multi-signature wallet inspired by Gnosis security.

Aura Network Project API

Applications built on Aura need to provide standard open APIs for public services.

Aura Project API

It is reported that Aura Network has released its test network in the second quarter, and the main network is expected to be released at the end of September 2022. According to the latest official news, its governance token AURA has become MEXC’s latest M-Day project, and MEXC is also the world’s first centralized crypto asset trading platform who launched AURA.

Aura Network Tokenomics

There are two types of Aura Network tokens, one is AURA, the native token on the Aura Network blockchain, which will be issued when the Aura Network mainnet is launched; another is AURA on other blockchains, which will serve as BEP-20 tokens issued on Binance Smart Chain. The governance token of Aura Network is AURA, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 pieces, and the distribution is as follows:

  • 20% for ecological growth, in which 50% for one-time release, and the remaining is released linearly over 48 months
  • 20% for the team, the remaining is released linearly over 36 months after 12 months of lock-up
  • 10% for the strategy round, 48-month of linear release
  • 10% for 48-month linear release of funds
  • 5% for the private placement round, which will be released linearly over 48 months
  • 5% for the public offering round, which will be a one-time release
  • 5% for strategic reservations, to be determined
  • 25% for block reward

Aura Project Funding

According to public information, Aura Network has raised $2.5 million in a seed round funding, with participation from MEXC Labs, Coin98 Ventures, GBV Capital, Impossible Finance, Kucoin Labs, Kyber Ventures, GUILDFI, Avatar by Avalanche, TPX Ventures, Redline Dao, and OIG, etc.

AURA Backers
AURA Backers

Analysis of the token practical value

AURA practical values are:

  • Governance – Create and vote on proposals, such as new features, community grants, network fees, and tweaking other parameters in the network, etc.;
  • Trading – Pay trading fees;
  • Staking – Staking and providing liquidity on the Aura Network mainnet.

Aura Network Risk Analysis

  • No pioneering advantage. Aura Network is essentially a Layer 1 platform that focuses on expanding the NFT field. Excellent developer ecology and high-quality user experience are the keys to the success of the project. Compared with other pioneering high-quality projects on the track, its own competitive advantages are still waiting to be tested by the market.
  • The token destruction mechanism is still in unknown, and there is a possibility of a late inflation crisis.
    The number of tokens unlocked in the first year is relatively large, and it is necessary to pay attention to the price fluctuation of the tokens; the team has not disclosed the destruction mechanism of AURA, hence it also requires continuous attention of whether the development of the later project will encounter an inflation crisis.

Note: The source of information in this article is mainly from Aura Network official information and online public information, and does not constitute any investment advice.

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