AS Roma is Now Accepting Crypto Payments

AS Roma, a prominent Italian football club has adopted DigitalBits (XDB) as its preferred payment method for merchandise purchases. Additionally, buyers of AS Roma merchandise can receive cashback through DigitalBits (XDB).

AS Roma is Now Accepting Crypto Payments
AS Roma is Now Accepting Crypto Payments

AS Roma has announced that it will now accept DigitalBits (XDB) as a payment option for branded merchandise purchases. They are allowing customers to pay for merchandise across five of the club’s flagship retail stores. This includes Via del Corso, Piazza Colonna, Ottaviano, Porta di Roma, and Fan zone at Stadio Olimpico. Payments can be processed within a few seconds by scanning a QR code through the AstraX mobile wallet. Furthermore, customers will receive cash back through XDB. The DigitalBits blockchain handles the transactions, while Coinbar pay processing provides additional support.

Daniele Mensi, Managing Director at DigitalBits Foundation, noted that this move is a significant milestone for the DigitalBits community in driving the adoption of crypto and Web3. By providing a user-friendly onboarding experience to the next generation of web3 users, AS Roma is helping to mainstream crypto payments.

Despite the high price volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, many businesses and brands are striving to promote cryptocurrency adoption beyond mere speculation. However, this remains an ongoing challenge for many. Central bankers and economics experts are criticizing Bitcoin’s inability to function effectively as a means of exchange.

Sports are Entering a New Age

Many sports clubs are creating fan tokens to enhance their engagement with fans. It provides fans with a greater sense of involvement and ownership in the club. Fan tokens allow fans to participate in club-related activities. This includes voting on team decisions, accessing exclusive content, participating in competitions and giveaways, and even earning rewards and discounts.

Fan tokens also enable sports clubs to monetize their fan base and create new revenue streams through token sales and partnerships. Furthermore, fan tokens can serve as a new marketing channel for sports clubs. They can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges, expanding the club’s global reach and visibility. Overall, fan tokens offer a unique opportunity for sports clubs to strengthen their relationship with fans and leverage blockchain technology for fan engagement, loyalty, and revenue growth.

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