An Introduction to Gala Games and GALA Tokens

With the increasing number of gaming enthusiasts hoarding up, software brains are busy thinking of ways to cash in on the opportunity. Until now, gamers were spending money buying their gaming paraphernalia but never got the chance to own it. They spend a lot to design their avatars and purchase weapons and gadgets but get nothing in return. It is all over once they are out of the gaming platform. 

So how about owning the items you purchase in a gaming zone? By owning, I literally mean having them in your digital locker. Yes, you guessed it right! The things you buy will be NFTs recorded like any other NFT on the Blockchain. 

You can use these NFT collectibles in other games and sell or trade them with your friends. Gala Games introduces this interesting proposition and enables its players to become part of their gaming ecosystem. To build on what I  just said, let me officially introduce Gala Games to you! 

Dive Right Into the Gala Universe

An Introduction to Gala Games and GALA Tokens
An Introduction to Gala Games and GALA Tokens

Gala Games is a decentralized gaming ecosystem that gives you a chance to create your NFT stock by playing games like Spider Tanks, TownStar, etc. The players playing these games would not be just players, but founders in Gala games, which is why the word ‘decentralized’ is used to describe this gaming platform. The players will have voting rights for making decisions around the ecosystem. 

Are you familiar with NFTs? Check out this Beginner’s Guide to CryptoPunks. This will give you some idea of how valuable NFTS can get.

Gaming products from other gaming studios are also present on Gala games along with in-house production. These software providers will also be able to release their own NFTs under the Gala games protocols. Gala games encourage other providers to create games that use NFTs that players collect from their own games.

Gala Games welcome opinions from the ecosystem members of the Discord community. These relate to the games to be introduced, and decisions are taken based on the majority. The ecosystem founders also have a say in developing new games, laying out protocols for third-party game providers and NFT libraries, the wallets to be used to transact within the system, the revenue split between the Gala games entity and the founders, etc.

The Gala platform hosts 1.3 million active users. The total number of NFTs sold on the platform until now is 26,000, of which the most expensive NFT sold was USD 3 million.

Wish to join this exciting universe? Let me get to the point now!

How to Become a Founder?

I know you were waiting for this! The Gala network, like any other cryptocurrency network, operates through nodes. So, the concept goes like this- the players will buy a license to download the software on their system and operate the Gala nodes.

These Gala nodes are servers that store, validate, and relay the Gala ecosystem data on the game blockchain. When the player buys the license to operate the nodes, the personal computer of the licensed user will become part of the Gala network chain. Gala Games further aims to expand the functionality of these founders’ nodes in the future.

The cost of the Founder’s license as of Dec 2021 is around $59,700. Now, when it comes to this much money, everyone has the same question. What do I get in return? You can expect to earn between 80-300 GALA tokens per day per node. 

How to Earn GALA Tokens?

An Introduction to Gala Games and GALA Tokens
An Introduction to Gala Games and GALA Tokens

Currently, there are 50,000 nodes on offer by Gala games, with 16,000 nodes already being sold. By buying the license and operating these nodes for at least six hours, the players will get free GALA which are the platform’s crypto tokens based on the points accumulated in the Daily Distribution. Operating a node for six hours will earn one point for the player.

Along with these, they also get TownCoin and limited-edition NFTs complimentary. However, earning an NFT is not a guarantee as it is randomly distributed to the players.

Users will be incentivized based on the type of founder node they run and the platform’s requirements. If the platform requires more processing than storage, the nodes providing the processing power will earn more points in the distribution. Players can also earn ten distribution points by referring users who purchase the license for the founder’s nodes. 

The distribution points will reflect in the Treasure Chest available on the Gala platform.

Why use the Points Distribution System?

An interesting question that pops up at this point is why you cannot get GALA directly credited to your account. The distribution points system is kept to create GALA tokens on-demand, so there is no one entity that bears all the gas fees involved in minting these tokens.

The Gala ecosystem aims to move from Ethereum blockchain to multi-chain to divide the cost. In the future, the users don’t necessarily have to keep the NFTs they collect on the Ethereum platform.

So back to the Founder’s nodes now!

System Specifications to Run a Founder’s Node

The Gala node software is lightweight and needs the following to run:

  • Stable Internet Connection
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 60 GB Disk Space
  • 2 CPU Cores 
  • An x86/X64 Processor
  • Founder’s nodes are only operable on Windows 10, Ubuntu Linux 20.04 (64-bit), macOS 10.10 (Yosemite), and higher versions.

Where to Use Gala Tokens?

The earned GALA can be used to buy NFTs on the Gala network, purchase items of other providers, and activate Founder’s nodes. These can be kept in a wallet, sold, or traded with others like any other cryptocurrency. 

The players might be able to create GALA tokens independently in the future. Major exchanges to deal in Gala tokens are Binance, Coinbase,, Okex, Kucoin,, and Uniswap. 

How to Buy a Node License?

First, you will need to register on the platform to buy a node license. You would then need GALA in your account to buy it. Here are the steps in detail:

Register on the Platform

Step 1: Register on Gala Games and create a new account by entering some basic details such as your name and email ID.

Step 2: Verify your email address from your email account. 

You will see the following screen the verification is complete. Click on ‘Create Wallet’ now. 

Step 3: Set a transaction password and click ‘Continue’.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Show Recovery Phrase’. Remember to copy the seed phrase carefully.

Step 5: Confirm your recovery phrase. You will see the following once the set-up is finished.

Now, you need to move GALA and ETH to your account to buy nodes. 

Add GALA to your Gala Account

You will need to learn how to add GALA tokens to buy the nodes. Here are the steps to add GALA to your account.

Step 1: Click on ‘Inventory’. You will see your inventory balances. You can go to any exchange to get GALA and Ethereum in your inventory.

Step 2: Click on Get GALA.

Step 3: To buy GALA from an exchange, you need to click on Get GALA (ETH) at the bottom. You will need the Gala wallet address or the QR code to send GALA to your account once you buy them.

Step 4: Choose Uniswap to get GALA/ETH. You will be redirected to the exchange website. Here you can register and buy the tokens.

Now, you need to have GALA in your wallet that you will send to your Gala wallet address.

Add GALA to your Metamask Wallet

Step 1: Click on the Metamask Wallet icon pinned on your browser. Enter your password.

Step 2: Click on Assets.

Next: Click on Import Tokens.

Step 4: Click on Custom Token.

Step 5: Add Token Contract address. Click on ‘Add Custom Token’.

Step 6: Click on ‘Import Tokens’. The current balance of GALA will reflect in your Metamask wallet.

Step 7: You can send the GALA token from the Metamask wallet to your Gala account; remember the address you copied from the QR code! Click on ‘Send’.

Step 8: Enter the address you copied earlier to send to the Gala wallet.

Please note that you will also need ETH to pay the gas fees. Once you have GALA and ETH tokens, you can go and buy your founder’s nodes.

Buying the Founder’s Nodes

Off to the last bit! You need to follow the steps below to complete your purchase.

Step 1: Go to Nodes and Click on ‘Buy Now.’

Step 2: You will see the Gala coins- 315,023.675 that you need to buy the node. Agree to the policies and click on Place Order. You need to have this number of Gala tokens in your account to buy a node.

Step 3: Choose the sending speed; you should note your Gas fees will increase as you increase the sending speed. Click on ‘Place Order’.

Step 4: You get the following message once you complete the purchase.

Before You Go…

The price that you need to pay to operate the founder’s nodes is not fixed as the platform changes the price for every 100 nodes sold. Every 100 nodes sold will increase the cost of the next 100 nodes by USD 100. 

The node licenses are deemed to be converted to NFT in the future, enabling the users to trade them in the market. 

Remember the phrase- kill two birds with one stone? Well, Gala Games seem to have taken it very seriously, offering gaming and earning money on their ecosystem. If you haven’t developed a taste for NFTs until now, it is time you do it because everything around indicates the digital future, whether metaverse or universe! So gear up for the digital world! 

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Anju Mobin is a passionate cryptocurrency enthusiast with extensive knowledge in the field. As a dedicated writer and editor, she has made a name for herself as an expert in the crypto world. Her main focus is on testing new crypto wallets, Defi applications, and NFT games to create informative and reader-friendly tutorials.

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Anju Mobin
Anju Mobin is a passionate cryptocurrency enthusiast with extensive knowledge in the field. As a dedicated writer and editor, she has made a name for herself as an expert in the crypto world. Her main focus is on testing new crypto wallets, Defi applications, and NFT games to create informative and reader-friendly tutorials.