7 BEST Crypto Wallet in UK: Top Bitcoin Wallets in 2023

When choosing the best crypto wallets UK, security should always come first. You also want wallets that come with investment features like staking, lending, and mining. The Best Crypto Wallet UK will also probably support multi-device or platform usage, multi-crypto storage, sending, receiving, and portfolio management. This prevents the possible hustle of owning as many wallets as possible. That’s why we have researched and handpicked seven of the very best Bitcoin wallets UK that offer top-notch security features along with easy functionality, convenience, and a great user experience. 

7 BEST Crypto Wallet UK: Top Bitcoin Wallets in 2023
7 BEST Crypto Wallet UK: Top Bitcoin Wallets in 2023. Image by studiogstock on Freepik

Best Cryptocurrency Wallet in UK: Top Picks!

ToolBest featureType of WalletMobile SupportFree Trial Link
Ledger Nano (X, S-plus)Uses offline storage for NFTs and crypto coins.ColdAccessible on iOS and Android. One time payments; Model X-$228, Model S-Plus- $228 







Crypto.comAccess a wide range of cryptocurrencies.HotAvailable on Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).Free account.https://www.crypto.com/ 
Trezor (T, One)You have complete control over assets and keys.ColdIt is only available on computers with all 2020+ Linux, Windows, and macOS models. One-time payments; Model T-219 EUR, Model One- 69 EURhttps://trezor.io/
EllipalIt has offline storage for private keys.ColdIt is accessible through all mobile systems, like Android and iOS.One-time payment, from $79 to $159https://www.ellipal.com/
Binance P2P trading.HotAvailable on iOS and Android.Free accounthttps://www.binance.com/en 

Expert Advice:

  • Opting for the most secure UK Bitcoin wallet is necessary to safeguard your digital assets. The Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) gives a security rating of a crypto wallet. 
  • The best Bitcoin wallet in Uk should be flexible enough to accommodate multiple accounts. This prevents the need to own multiple digital wallets. 

Best Bitcoin Wallets UK

1) Ledger Nano (X, S-Plus)- Best Bitcoin Wallets UK for Offline Storage of NFTs and Crypto Coins

The Ledger Nano X and S-Plus are two of the best crypto wallets in the UK on the market. The Ledger company designed these offline wallets for maximum security when storing your digital assets. 

The Ledger Nano X and S Plus have the same features, with the only difference being that the Nano X has Bluetooth connectivity. These Ledger products allow you to store over 5000 tokens, making them the best Bitcoin wallets UK.

While Ledger Nano X and S Plus wallets don’t attract a trading fee for sending, receiving, and storing crypto, network fees apply. The amount depends on the size of the transaction and may vary from network to network. Notably, the network fee will determine the transaction speed.


  • The Nano X easily connects to mobile devices through Bluetooth. 
  • Nano S requires an OTG (on-the-go) kit to pair it with your desktop or smartphone. 
  • Supports staking and lending.
  • The Nano X provides more extended hours of use with a 100mA h battery larger than the Nano S. 
  • Both wallets provide excellent customer support through email and live chat and offer extensive knowledge on their website. 
  • With the Nano X, you can install up to 100 cryptocurrency applications. 
  • With  USB Type-C, you can use the exchange on a wide range of devices.
  • Thanks to Ledger partners, you can trade crypto online.
  • The exchange is compatible with Android 7+, iOS 13+, Windows 8.1+, Linux, and macOS 10.14+ software.
  • Nano X’s platform features a simple interface for the management of all crypto assets.
It’s simple to set up and easy to useThe battery is not replaceable
Highly secure due to offline storage Losing the device may put your account at risk
The Nano X features an encrypted Bluetooth connection 
Extended battery life on the Nano X 
It provides high-end DeFi functionality, ideal for managing smart contracts 

Key Specs:

Type of wallet: Cold

Number of Cryptos: Supports over 5000 tokens, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, etc.

Transaction Fees: Zero

Fees to Trade: Zero

Fee for Deposits: $5 to $25

Mobile support: Accessible on iOS and Android. 

Free Trial: One-time payments

Link: https://www.ledger.com/ 

2. Crypto.com – Best Crypto Wallet UK for Access to a Wide Range of Cryptocurrencies

Crypto.com is one of the best crypto wallets in the UK offering a wide range of cryptocurrencies to trade with. Moreover, it supports fiat currencies, including Canadian dollars (CAD), U.S. dollars (USD), and more. 

The platform has very low transaction and trading fees, and users with a large stake in Crypto.com Coin (CRO) can access discounts during transactions. Users can also earn from their wallets by staking their crypto. Staking for a set period attracts an interest rate of up to 14.0%. 


  • It has a resource center with NFT deep dives, market updates, research, events, product news, and what’s trending.
  • The exchange has high liquidity in every market condition.
  • Low transaction fees compared to other wallets.
  • It uses Secure Enclave Technology and secures transactions using Multi-Factor Authentication. 
  • Fast trading speeds, with over 50-microsecond core latency and over 2.7m TPS matching engine.
  • Users can access the Crypto.com Visa Card, which also provides cashback and is available on this platform.
  • From your crypto assets, with Crypto.com you can earn from them at the rate of over 14 %
  • With no additional storage fees, the platform supports crypto and fiat top-ups.
  • The Defi services with Swap, Earn and Wallet are available to you. 
  • Users also get access to the best NFTs in the market.
Provide low fees per trade of 0.4% or less with discountsUsers without a CRO staking are subjected to high transaction fees
It supports credit and debit transactions with the DeFi walletProvided discounts may be challenging to navigate
Users can create multiple digital wallets 
Supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies  
It provides an ecosystem of related crypto products (trading, staking, and swapping) 

Key Specs:

Type of Wallet: Hot

Number of Cryptos: Supports over 250 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Transaction Fees: 0.4% fee

Fees to Trade: 0.04% to 0.4% Maker: 0.1% to 0.4% Taker

Credit/debit fee: 0.4% to 2.99%

Support: Live chat and email

Available Countries: Available in most European countries.

Mobile support: Available on Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store)

Free Trial: Free account

Link: https://www.crypto.com/ 

3. Trezor (T, One)- Best for Complete Control Over Assets and Keys

Tezor is one of the longest-running crypto wallets. The platform stands out for its top-notch security features, which allow users to recover their devices in case of damage or theft. One of these features is the SLIP-0039 security standard for crypto wallets. Trezor is the first crypto wallet to leverage this security feature.

There are over 100 Trezor crypto hardware wallet varieties available. Each has distinct features that enhance usability.

The Trezor One is the company’s standard version and supports over 1,800 cryptos. It hit the market seconds after the launch of the Trezor Model T. Moreover, the platform has an open-source desktop application. Users can use the Trezor Suite application to sell, buy, or trade currencies.


  • The platform is a suitable cold wallet for Bitcoin trading.
  • You can access the secure crypto ecosystem through the Trezor Suite app.
  • Offline storage of cryptocurrencies on the Trezor hardware device for increased security.
  • You can swap, sell or buy cryptocurrencies at no added fees.
  • Users can access more features on the Trezor crypto wallet. 
  • Assets are transferable to other wallets and exchanges.
  • You have to approve all transactions through the Trezor hardware device.
  • The Trezor Suite app allows you to track your asset portfolio.
  • Its app provides valuable tips and a guide on trading cryptocurrency. 
  • Swift wallet recovery and remote security when your device falls into the wrong hands.
  • Its security and privacy are verifiable and fully open source.
Allows for recovery of lost or damaged devicesThis mobile wallet does not support iOS devices
Trezor provides multiple online featuresIt’s more pricey than a web wallet
Provides an open-source firmware for trading cryptocurrencies 
Provides crypto-asset management and password protection using Password Suite and Trezor Suite 
It includes a microSD card for additional encryption storage 

Key Specs:

Number of Cryptos: Supports over 1000 digital coins. It also supports ERC -20 tokens, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin

Support: Ticket support and email chat

Spread: $0.1

Transaction Fees: Varies between low, economy, normal, or high

Link: https://trezor.io

4. Ellipal – Best for Offline Storage of Keys

Ellipal is the first cold storage crypto wallet that’s air-gapped. It is fully tamper-proof and features a disassembly design. The wallet uses QR codes for data transmission, eliminating the need for USB or Bluetooth connections. Its complete isolation from the internet safeguards users against malware attacks. 

Through the Ellipal app, users can execute transactions. Moreover, it supports over 10,000 tokens, including XRP, ETH, BTC, ADA, and DOT. 


  • The wallet is anti-tamper and anti-disassembly
  • Wide wallet screen for you to access quick operations
  • It works with BIP39 wallets
  • The wallet is pocket-sized and is made of a metallic body.
  • It supports DAAP connections
  • You can stake, swap or buy cryptocurrency using the wallet
  • It supports NFTs and crypto tokens
  • It has an anti-theft feature that deletes private keys after a disassembly attempt
  • The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • It provides a standby time of 259 hours 
  • The ELLIPAL TITAN bears the FIDO certification
It promotes easy management of multiple crypto wallet accounts  Ellipal is not compatible with desktop computers
The Ellipal is easy to use and navigate thanks to the large display screenMobile apps need to be improved to enhance convenience
Provides safe offline storage of private keys and NFTs 
It offers easy navigation with a large touchscreen display and a camera that scans Q.R. codes 

Key Specs:

Type of Wallet: Cold

The number of cryptocurrencies: Supports over 10,000 coins and tokens. It also supports all ERC-20 tokens (including Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) and 41 blockchains. 

Transaction Fees: N/A

Support: Live chat and email

Available Countries: Available in more than 70 countries 

Mobile Support: It is accessible through all mobile systems, like Android and iOS

Free Trial: One-time payment from $79 to $159

Link: https://www.ellipal.com/ 

5) Binance – Best Cryptocurrency Wallet UK for P2P Trading

Binance is a popular crypto wallet and one of the best bitcoin wallets in the UK that’s suitable for well-versed cryptocurrency traders. Based on its trading volume, the exchange platform is one of the largest digital asset exchanges. 

Moreover, it provides relatively low fees and more trading options and products than its competitors. Through third-party apps, users can make wire transfers and credit card purchases.

Furthermore, Binance allows users to transfer crypto from the exchange to a personal wallet known as Trust Wallet. This is an independent wallet that grants users access to store, send, or receive cryptocurrency on a mobile interface. 


  • Low trading fees of 0% to 3.75%, depending on the payment method.
  • Provides free Bitcoin trading.
  • Supports fiat currency transfers.
  • Allows integration of Binance Pay into business. 
  • Users can earn interest on crypto funds through Binance Earn.
  • Provides extra security by using a 2-factor authentication process.
  • Binance NFT provides its users with mystery boxes, IGOs, and Fan Tokens.
  • The platform provides a high level of security using advanced data encryption.
  • Offers customer support through tickers, live chat, and social media (Twitter). 
Binance charges relatively low fees for its transactionsThe exchange platform may confuse beginners due to its complicated interface
Allows credit card and debit card transactionsHas regulatory issues in multiple countries
Binance provides users with several trading options, including margin and spot trading 
Provides high liquidity options to its customers 
Binance provides profitable on-site staking options 

Key Specs:

Type of Wallet: Hot

Number of Cryptocurrencies: It lists over 350 cryptocurrencies, including Cardano, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Staking: Supported

Fees to Trade: 0.1%

Transaction Fees: 0.1% to 0.5%

Mobile Support: Available on iOS and Android

Free Trial: Free account

Link: https://www.binance.com/en 

6. BitLox- Best for Military-Grade Security of Cryptocurrencies

BitLox is the best Bitcoin wallet UK owing to the Bitcoin hardware wallet’s multiple layers of security and unique design, making it easy to carry around. 

Moreover, the device can store 100 separate wallet addresses. Half of these addresses are accessible using a unique PIN. 

BitLox is compatible with various operating systems, including macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS. Users can connect it to their iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth. 


  • It contains an Alphanumeric keypad.
  • Low-power mobile access through Bluetooth.
  • Its form factor is like the one used in credit cards.
  • It is about 4mm thin for ease of use.
  • You get additional flat form factor cables that have reversible heads.
  • Access to many languages.
  • Identify yourself using your address key by signing free-form messages.
  • With BixLox, you can create a personal passcode for added security and display a custom phrase.
  • BitLox’s NIST-certified True Random Number Generator secures all user’s signatures.
  • The platform supports the generation of 24, 18, or 12 mnemonic backups for swift account recovery.
  • The device comes with a fine leather protection case.
  • Elegant and stylish device design.
  • The wallet complies with BIP39 and BIP32 standards.
  • You get advanced notice on all transaction fees on your device.
  • Its e-paper display can still show your address Q.R. codes when off.
  • The hardware wallet is waterproof and shockproof, making it indestructible.
  • It supports USB type C and B for charging.
  • It supports hidden wallets hence total anonymity.
  • The device is covered in a titanium casing which safeguards it against external damage.
Compatible with many platformsOnly applicable to Bitcoin investors
Provides total anonymity through the use of VPN-based browsers such as TorIts interface is not friendly for beginners due to its complex security and multiple features
Comes with an Extended battery life 
E-paper display that shows wallet address when the device is off 

Key Specs:

Type of wallet: Cold

Number of cryptocurrencies: Only supports Bitcoin

Mobile support: Compatible with Android and iOS devices

Free Trial: One-time payments; from $98 to $198

Link: https://www.bitlox.com/ 

7. Safepal- Best for Managing Multiple Crypto Wallets

SafePal’s software and hardware wallet combines security and convenience. Hence, it is ideal for new crypto investors and traders. The exchange allows users to choose between a “cold” and a “hot” wallet. SafePal has operations in over 196 countries and is available in 15 languages.

Moreover, SafePal also offers an air-gapped sign-in option for offline access. The platform supports iOS and Android. A recent addition to the platform is the inclusion of browser extensions for Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Chrome.


  • Safepal’s function is versatile owing to its hardware, mobile wallet, and extensions.
  • The platform’s multi-chain capability is compatible with the Chrome browser.
  • The SafePal S1 hardware wallet allows you to store your coins offline safely.
  • Its mini-programs are convenient to allow you to fast-track your trading.
  • Users get access to a broad range of NFT marketplaces.
  • SafePal supports over 100 DApps and unchartered DeFi projects.
The platform is modern and easy to useIt’s hard to navigate due to the small screen
It provides support to over 1000 assets and 19 blockchainsThe KYC process is complicated
It’s highly secure against malware due to its self-destruct mechanism and wireless feature 
Supports NFT storage 
Allows purchase of crypto with debit/credit card 
SafePal includes browser extensions and a mobile app 
The app allows direct interaction with dAPPS 

Key Specs:

Type of wallet: Hot and Cold

Number of cryptocurrencies: It has over 100 cryptocurrencies

Mobile support: It is available on Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS

Free Trial: One-time payments; from $59.98 to $94.98


What To Look At When Choosing A Crypto or Bitcoin Wallet UK

Here is what to consider when choosing the best cryptocurrency wallet UK:


  • User-friendliness/ Usability: While crypto trading is complicated, the exchange platform should not be. As a beginner, opting for a user-friendly crypto wallet that provides adequate support is essential. For instance, BitLox and Binance have simple interfaces, making them ideal for beginners. 
  • Type of Wallet: Generally, there are three types of wallets: cold, hot, and paper wallets. A software wallet or a web wallet is relatively cheaper than a crypto hardware wallet. 
  • Security Features: Crypto wallets require extra levels of security for adequate protection. A password alone is not enough to guarantee your security. You should opt for UK Bitcoin wallets with 2FA, multi-signature, and Q.R. codes. 
  • Storage: Another feature to watch out for is storage. You should opt for a crypto wallet with adequate storage capacity if you trade in high volumes. This can also include NTF storage if you want to diversify your trade.
  • Reputation: With the influx of crypto wallets hitting the market, it’s increasingly challenging to find a legit product. It is essential to consider a company’s history and any previous legal implications before choosing a crypto wallet. 
  • Cost: Crypto trading is a lucrative and capital-intensive venture. If you’re on a budget, there are cost-friendly options such as Trezor and SafePal. The exchange platforms also provide a high level of security for your digital assets.
  • Supported Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrency wallets provide support for multiple digital currencies. However, not all platforms support all coins. So, you should consider the available tokens and coins when choosing a crypto hardware wallet.
  • The Management Team: A crypto wallet is only as good as its management team. Consider digging around to learn about the team behind the wallet and their experience in crypto trading and security. 


1. What are the best Crypto Wallets in the UK?

Here are the best crypto wallets in the UK:

2. How do you keep your crypto wallet safe?

In the crypto world, malware attacks are common and result in the loss of digital assets. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, take the following steps to safeguard your cryptocurrency wallet. 

  • Pick a strong password and avoid using general terms such as a person’s name or pet. Ensure your password has numbers, letters, and special characters.
  • Frequently update security features on your crypto wallet to keep up with the latest security features. 
  • Create a backup. A backup gives you access to your digital access in case of theft or loss of devices for cold wallets. Exchanges such as Trezor use Shamir Backup, which allows data recovery.
  • Avoid public WiFi at all costs. Public WiFi is an open door for hackers. Accessing your crypt wallet using public WiFi puts your account at risk of hacking or malware attacks. 
  • Enable private keys for an added layer of security. A private key is only known to you, which further secures your account when signing in. 
  • When buying cryptocurrency, you should double-check the wallet address. You may lose your digital assets if you input the wrong address.

3. Steps to sign up for a crypto wallet

Before you start trading cryptocurrency with the best Bitcoin wallet in the UK, you must first sign into your wallet. The following are steps to take when signing in:

Step 1: Choose a suitable wallet based on cost, trading fees, convenience, usability, and trading volumes.

Step 2: Visit the exchange platform’s website and create an account. The good news is that some platforms do not require much information when setting up an account. 

Step 3: Once you’ve set up an account, you can transfer funds to purchase digital currency. Some platforms accept fiat currency, while others support credit or debit card deposits.

Step 4: Select your preferred currency before you proceed.

Step 5: Now that you’ve selected your crypto coin, you can purchase the digital coin. 

Step 6: You’re now officially a crypto trader. Keeping track of price movements is essential to getting the most out of your investment. 

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