6 Result-Driven Guides to Write an Engaging Twitter Crypto Thread

There’s a loaf of bread in front of you. A tea beside you at the table, to which you add milk and sugar into it. Within 5 minutes, you are done. With your light, but effective breakfast.

It’s time for dinner, and you have harnessed all the ingredients needed in the kitchen. You have vegetables, pepper, and seasoning cubes. Since sugar is white like salt, and sweet when added to the tea, you can as well replace it with salt in the soup?

Does this sound ridiculous and disgusting? No, anyone will say No. But, I have one person who has No as their answer to this.

And that’s one who writes a Twitter Crypto thread in the same way he writes blog, website, Facebook, and Instagram content. If you’re one of them, picture the second paragraph, and that’s how you look ridiculous and disgusting in the mind of the readers.

In this article, you will find out how to write an engaging Twitter Crypto thread, as I promised you. Before then, what’s a Twitter thread?

6 Result-Driven Guides to Write an Engaging Twitter Crypto Thread
6 Result-Driven Guides to Write an Engaging Twitter Crypto Thread

Twitter Thread

Just like you call content on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, on Twitter it’s called a thread. While the content on other social media may be conversational, the purpose of content here is to get your readers engaged. Of course, it is different if you’re tweeting for jokes, sarcasm, or a brief announcement. A thread on Twitter isn’t limited to the crypto niche but is dominated by it. Health, Agric, History, Politics, Science, and others are also rated Niches on Twitter.

Below are the 6 Result-Driven Guides to Writing an Engaging Twitter Crypto Thread.

Avoid Writing Like a Robot

Engaging content like a Twitter thread isn’t where you talk endlessly. Before you start writing, picture yourself standing in front of a student or sitting beside someone explaining a difficult mathematical equation to him at a tutorial. This is the problem for those who depend on AI like ChatGPT, OpenAI, any word, and their likes to write. Aside from editing most of the work they generated, they lack penetrating into the reader’s emotions in the same way your mind and brain will do as a writer. Using AI-generated content mostly lacks block space, a thread without a block space is like serving water and rice on the same plate because people find it boring to read through.

Follow the Writing Format

writing a Twitter thread is like writing B2B email content because they serve the same purpose. You’re writing to people in the same business as you, and not just an ideal consumer. You have to keep your headline moderate and non-fancy. Keep it simple, you are passing value to readers and not to impress. Most threaders skip the hooking stage after the headline, which is wrong. Use imagery, related situations or objects, and everyday expressions in your hooking to keep readers engaged, so they can read to the end. Break down the technical words in the thread even if your targets are those already in the business, newbies also will come for it and if they find the word too technical, they will take it to their heels.

Be Specific

Either you are writing the thread by yourself, or you hire a ghostwriter for the work, bear one thing in mind and that’s to be specific. If you start with NFT, be known for that until eternity. Don’t write on Crypto today, DeFi tomorrow, NFT next week, and Blockchain next month. Stop confusing people. In graphics designing, we call something the power of brand and that’s a graphic designer sticking to a particular color that even if he uses multiple colors, that color will still be there. It can be Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, or any color. Specificity gives you the power to build an empire on Twitter.

A Trending Thread

You may be a skillful and talented mechanic, but if what you still repair in today’s world is the 90s Peugeot 406, there isn’t a doubt you will wallow impoverished until the end. People aren’t Wow by your writing skills but the information you share with them. In the past two years to this time, Web 3 is the trending topic when it comes to Blockchain technology. Do your research on this niche and follow experts who are Mafia in this Niche, so you can garner more knowledge on how it works.

Thread Arithmetic

There’s much debate here, as Everyone wants to be dogmatic. Some will tell you your thread word counts should be this and be that. To some, it should be more than a thousand, while to some it shouldn’t be up to it. The answer is simple. A thread can be 100, 300, 500, or even 1,000 words. It depends on the topic you’re writing and your targeted readers. But a good thread shouldn’t be less than 300 words and more than 1000 words, so people can pack values without spending much time. Remember you aren’t writing a letter or a textbook but see yourself as a presenter or lecturer explaining to students or audiences in the hall.


75% out of 100 threaders omit the conclusion part of their thread. It doesn’t mean the thread is not good or won’t work, especially when it’s written by those already known on the Blue app. But if you’re a rough diamond, someone just starting, I advise you to include a conclusion for two reasons:

1)To convince people in the conclusion is part of the source of your content either through research, or practice, so you can also be seen as an authority.

2)To imbibe a call to action in the conclusion part to gain more readers and followers, or a backlink directing them to any community or channel of yours that’s outside Twitter.

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