Worldcoin Introduces Advanced Data Protection by Deleting Iris Codes

Key Insights

  • Worldcoin Foundation has introduced an open-source system to enhance data protection, including biometric data.
  • The new system led to the deletion of iris codes collected during user sign-ups.
  • The system uses secure multi-party computation to distribute data securely across multiple parties.
Worldcoin Introduces Advanced Data Protection by Deleting Iris Codes
Worldcoin Introduces Advanced Data Protection by Deleting Iris Codes

Worldcoin Foundation has released an open-source system designed to improve the protection of sensitive information, particularly biometric data. This move includes deleting iris codes previously collected during user sign-ups.

The newly introduced system, now accessible in a GitHub repository, aims to set a new standard for data protection. “The system, available now in a GitHub repository for any organization to use, aims to set a new standard for data protection, including the protection of biometric data,” the foundation stated. The foundation emphasized that the new system is based on secure multi-party computation (SMPC), a cryptographic method that enhances data security.

Worldcoin migrated to this new system, which involved deleting older iris codes collected when users signed up for the project. Participants in the Worldcoin project had their irises scanned by specialized Orb devices to verify their identity and receive WLD tokens, Worldcoin’s cryptocurrency. This process was integral to creating unique digital identifications for users.

Innovative Cryptography and Data Security

The new system relies on SMPC, a cryptographic technique that distributes a single secret across multiple parties. This method ensures that the complete data set is never held in a single location, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches. “It can be thought of as taking one secret and sharing it in multiple parts across different parties for increased protection,” Worldcoin Foundation explained.

The foundation, in collaboration with technologists from TACEO and Tools for Humanity, has developed a new implementation of SMPC to address previous limitations related to scale and cost. This innovation is particularly relevant as the requirement for individuals to provide biometric data to various organizations becomes more common. The need to protect users’ data securely against potential threats and misuse is increasingly critical.

The Launch of World Chain

Besides these data protection enhancements, Worldcoin is also preparing for the launch of World Chain, an open-source Ethereum layer-2 blockchain. Set to debut in mid-2024, World Chain aims to improve human authentication by integrating with the Worldcoin protocol. This new platform will provide dedicated infrastructure to transition from existing networks, enhancing scalability and supporting a growing user base.

The protocol has seen significant adoption, with over 5 million people from 160 countries registered and 49 million transactions through verified wallets. World Chain aims to address challenges posed by automated transactions, which often lead to network congestion.

Worldcoin’s Response to Regulatory Scrutiny

Since its launch, the Worldcoin project has faced scrutiny from regulatory bodies across several nations, mainly due to concerns over its data collection practices. Tools for Humanity, the main developer behind the project, was co-founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. Recently, the Worldcoin project has taken measures to address concerns related to its collection and storage of personal data.

The foundation’s commitment to enhancing data protection is part of a broader strategy to ensure user privacy and security. By migrating to this new system and deleting older iris codes, Worldcoin aims to set a new benchmark for data protection in the digital identity space.

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