Here is Why Stacks (STX) Grew 76% in a Week and 250% in a Month

Stacks is currently experiencing a crucial week as it undergoes a significant mainnet upgrade. As a result, we are looking at the strong price movement of STX. In fact, they grew by more than 250% in a month, with 76% up in just a week. Now, STX is emerging as the top performer among the top 50 cryptocurrencies and tokens ranked by market capitalization.

Stacks (STX) Major Upgrade Ralies Token Price

Stacks has been gaining attention recently not just for its positive performance in the market, but also for its strong focus on turning Bitcoin into a smart contract and DeFi-centric ecosystem. As the “Bitcoin Layer for smart contracts,” Stacks allows decentralized applications to utilize Bitcoin as an asset and conduct transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. To further this mission, the Stacks protocol has released its latest upgrade, Stacks 2.1. The upgrade aims to strengthen the connection to Bitcoin through enhanced stacking improvements, decentralized mining, improved bridges, and new clarity functions.

Stacks 2.1 has introduced several improvements to the PoX reward and security mechanism of Stacking. Among these upgrades, continuous Stacking has been introduced, which enables Stackers to avoid missing out on reward cycles by stacking their $STX continuously. This feature replaces the previous fixed period system, where Stackers had to wait for a specific time to stack their $STX again. This improvement not only increases convenience for users but also enhances the security of the system.

This upgrade allows Stacks’ native token price to gain insane upwards momentum. Over the past 24 hours, we saw an increase of 14%. Furthermore, their token gained an overall growth of 76 percent in just a single week. Their monthly performance reached 250% gains. This pump manage to place STX as the top performer among the top 50 cryptocurrencies and tokens ranked by market capitalization.

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