Why Crypto Traders Choose MEXC For Spot and Futures Trading?

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin are rapidly gaining popularity. As the crypto market booms, so does crypto exchanges. However, more than 12 million users choose MEXC. They believe that MEXC is the right choice for their spot and futures trading journey. What makes MEXC so special? How good is MEXC? Let us find out!

Why Crypto Traders Choose MEXC For Spot and Futures Trading?
Why Crypto Traders Choose MEXC For Spot and Futures Trading?

Lowest Trading Fees In The Market

Enjoy unmatched cost savings with MEXC’s fee structure. At MEXC, users can enjoy 0.000% maker and only 0.100% taker fees on spot trading! Meanwhile, futures trading is also 0% on maker fee and 0.010% on taker fee. Furthermore, by holding as few as 1,000 MX tokens for 15 consecutive days, users enjoy up to 100% trading fee discounts for spot trading, slashing costs to zero.

In terms of futures trading, users can enjoy 10% off via MX deduction, further reducing the cost of trading fees! Speaking of futures trading, MEXC’s futures trading platform enables up to 200x leverage, amplifying profit potential. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and conduct thorough research to manage associated risks effectively.

Unmatched Listing Speed and Quality

MEXC emerges as a top choice for traders aiming to diversify their portfolios with a vast selection of cryptocurrencies. At MEXC, there are over 2,000 listed tokens available for spot trading. Furthermore, we are introducing more than 80 new listings weekly. This ensures access to both established and emerging digital assets, keeping you ahead in the blockchain landscape.

Free Airdrops Every Day For Extra Profits

One of the greatest advantages MEXC users get is free airdrops! If you are already holding 1,000 MX tokens for trading fee discounts, this means that you are eligible to participate in MEXC’s Launchpad and Kickstarter! Similar to trading fee discounts, once you hold 1,000 MX tokens for 30 consecutive days, you will receive daily airdrops of new token listings on Launchpad and Kickstarter.

In April alone, there are more than 300 free airdrops for all participants! Now, everyone is already enjoying 1000+ free airdrops in the span of 4 months, boasting a monthly prize pool of up to $58.95 million.

Various User-Friendly Features

MEXC also prioritizes user experience, offering a range of user-friendly features designed to streamline the trading process. From intuitive interfaces to advanced charting tools, MEXC equips traders with everything they need to make informed decisions and execute successful trades.

For starters, you can explore the macro data of the finance world directly at MEXC. You can learn the trend comparison between different fields such as NASDAQ and GOLD. There is also information on trend forecasts as well as significant events that might impact the crypto market.

On the other hand, you can have a look at the live heat map of the crypto market directly at MEXC. Stay updated with the swift movements of token prices and decide on your next big trade.

Furthermore, MEXC has many other pages that will accelerate your trading journey. Be sure to check out the live token price page, price prediction page, and how-to-buy page! All these pages are designed to elevate your trading game, making sure you stay one step ahead of the market!


With all these perks and features, MEXC continues to be the top CEX choice for crypto traders. Join MEXC now! Be a part of the MEXC community and begin trading with the lowest fees on the market!

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