What is Trident GameFi (PSI Token)

Trident or PSI is a 2D MMO blockchain game. It is a procedurally-generated infinite universe video game that uses crypto as its main currency. Essential information for their token is available on the MEXC Digital asset introduction page. Furthermore, we are listing (PSI/USDT – Trade it here) on our Assessment Zone, check it out now!

What is Trident (PSI)
What is Trident (PSI Token)

Why is Play-to-Earn GameFi Failing?

Trident is a free-to-play 2D MMO game that incorporates crypto to enhance the in-game economy, freedom, and anonymity. It is a project under Geyser Forge Studio’s care and they are expecting to release the Alpha version in Q1 2023. However, one major game mechanic set them apart from other GameFi. Instead of the usual play-to-earn (P2E), they are incorporating the concept of risk-to-earn (R2E).

The development team believes that the current P2E does not work at the economic level. P2E works only when there are users speculating on the in-game assets. However, the game will fail if such conditions did not come to fruition. This is because the game does not focus on anything other than the economic gain of its participants. Ultimately, it is just a game where new users feed the ecosystem and fail when massive growth stops.

Trident believes that gaming should not feel like a mindless job. It should be an entertaining platform for users to improve their skills. When a user base participates in a P2E game, their playtime amounts to nothing. This is because their time and data do not rack up to the protocol. Instead, it is all about the assets. Meanwhile, skills become less of a factor in determining the winner of an in-game competition.

What is Trident’s Risk-to-Earn (R2E) Model?

Trident thinks that instead of running an economic game on the backs of newcomers, it should run on a zero-sum basis. Therefore, they are introducing Risk-to-Earn (R2E), the new zero-sum structure. The team started this idea last October and now they are fully committed to the idea.

Risk-to-earn emphasizes skills and efficiency to score in games. Meanwhile, players can choose to practice or play for free without having to engage in in-game risk. Furthermore, the protocol only charges a fee to host this platform. The rewards in R2E should tie themselves into something tangible and reliable. It should not focus on token inflation with no inherent risk or value tied to its growth.

R2E provides a necessary and healthy outlet to remove or transfer the supply of items to another player. It focuses on skill-based manners, allowing those willing to put in the time to become great players. This is how everything in the world works, and web3 should be no exception.

How to Play Trident?

Trident is a free-to-play game, with no Pay-to-Win features from the very beginning. It comes in two modes, Trident MMO and Sprite Duels. Trident MMO starts with an open-world concept and a procedurally generated infinite universe. Players can explore, gather resources, hunt animals, and fight bosses. There is also PvP, embarking on quests and bounties, and doing a variety of other things.

Furthermore, it is implementing the items drops upon death mechanism. This will include the player’s inventory. Of course, there are inventory banks. However, there are limited slots to ensure players do not hoard. Trident MMO alpha is estimated to be live in March for playtesting.

Meanwhile, Sprite Duels is Trident’s other game mode. It is now available in pre-alpha for the general public on their website, check it out now! Sprite Duels is a turn-based battle game inspired by Pokemon. It pits two players and their Sprite teams against each other. Fight, eliminate your opponent’s sprite, and be the last man standing. In the Pre-Alpha, you can select from a wide variety of sprites for your teams. However, in the Sprite Duels Beta, your available sprites will be drawn from the creatures you capture in the Trident MMO.

Is Trident GameFi (PSI) a Good Investment?

Trident is a great platform that promotes R2E on GameFi. It also has a good roadmap for future growth and an interesting development on its Alpha release. At the moment, many are looking forward to their listing on MEXC. Therefore, you can try short-term and long-term investments. However, it is crucial for users to prepare a proper exit strategy before investing. It is also important to consult your financial adviser for any investment plans. This is not financial advice.

Where to buy PSI Token

You can find PSI Token here at MEXC! We are listing PSI/USDT in our Assessment Zone!

What is the Price of PSI Tokens?

PSI token is currently trading at $6.53 per unit. It has a market cap of $13,705,919 and a fully diluted of $14,257,317. They also have a 24-hour trading volume of $9,349,121. You can check the live price of their token right here!

How to buy PSI Tokens

You can buy PSI Tokens on MEXC by following the steps:

  1. Log in to your MEXC account and click [Trade]. Click on [Spot].
  2. Search “PSI” using the search bar to see the available trading pairs. Take PSI/ USDT as an example.
  3. Scroll down and go to the [Spot] box. Enter the amount of PSI you want to buy. You can choose from opening a Limit order, a Market order, or a Stop-limit order. Take Market order as an example. Click [Buy PSI] to confirm your order. You will find the purchased PSI in your Spot Wallet.

You can find a detailed guide on how to buy PSI Tokens here.

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