Understanding The Functions and Benefits of MX Tokens

The crypto market is heading towards a new dawn. For the first time in almost a year, the fear and greed index is finally moving towards greed. Furthermore, many new and interesting protocols are taking up the market. Although we had to stomach a bunch of negative news in 2022, this year is definitely heading in for the better. As we look for new tokens to invest in, how well do you know MEXC and our very own MX Token?

In this article, we will explore the history of MEXC, what is MX Token, and the functions of the token. Essential information for our token is available on the MEXC Digital asset introduction page. Furthermore, you can find MX Tokens on our Main Market! Check it out now!

The History of MEXC

MEXC, a leading one-stop crypto shop and rapidly growing exchange, was founded in April 2018. They provide a range of services for their valued users, including futures, spot, NFT Index trades, staking, and MX DeFi. Now, MEXC is serving more than 10 million users worldwide. They are also constantly improving and evolving, bringing the best an exchange can offer!

What is MX Token?

MX Token (MX) is a decentralized digital asset developed by the MEXC platform on the Ethereum blockchain. As the native token of MEXC, the MX ecosystem continuously evolves, providing users and builders with more capabilities. The main objective of MX Token is to provide a secure and stable trading experience and become a leading industry player. MX is also proof of the MEXC community’s rights. Holders can vote on business decisions, team elections, and receive priority participation in activities.

Additionally, MX holders can enjoy various benefits at MEXC. There are rewards for holding MX, subscription discounts, and free airdrops for voting on new listings. MX tokens also have practical applications, such as a 20% transaction fee deduction on the trading platform. Furthermore, the MX ecosystem is undergoing an amazing upgrade. It would be a shame not to check it out and see what they have to offer!

Functions of MX Tokens

MX tokens are a representation of the exchange. However, it does have its fair share of functions and use cases. Most important of all, it has a ton of benefits relating to all the functions. Here are a few use cases of MX tokens:

1. Trading Fee Deduction

What better joy than finding discounts on every corner and every trade? MX token holders can turn on the MX fee deduction function. This fee deduction will allow users to enjoy a 10% discount for trading. Furthermore, there is a 20% discount on spot trading fees! Learn more now at our MX Zone!

2. MEXC Launchpad

MEXC Launchpad is a place of joy and excitement. It is an exclusive section that caters to MX holders. In Launchpad, token holders stand a chance to receive LaunchPad’s high-quality initial project airdrops! MEXC is no stranger to interesting project listings. All you have to do is to hold your MX tokens for a certain amount of time and new token airdrops are yours. Participate now!

3. MEXC Kickstarter

As an MX token holder, you will be able to vote for and support projects that you like. After the voting session ends, users will receive an airdrop according to the amount available in the reward pool. What are you waiting for? Start voting now on our Kickstarter Campaign with MX tokens and earn amazing rewards!

4. Increase Commission Ratio With MX Tokens

Where is the fun in trading if you are not trading with friends? With MX tokens, you can now hold MX and invite friends for a higher rebate ratio. We are taking the more the merrier idiom to a whole new level. This feature will be available very soon. In the meantime, stay tuned and check out MX Zone for our new updates!

Where to buy MX Token

MX Token Spot Market

Free airdrops and events are great. However, you won’t be able to participate without MX tokens. Therefore, buy MX tokens on our spot market now! It is quick, easy, and straightforward. Here is a quick guide to purchasing MX tokens.

How to buy MX Token (MX)

  1. Visit and log in to the official MEXC website, hover the cursor over [Spot] at the top of the page, and select [Spot].
  2. Type “MX” into the search bar on the right, and find the MX/USDT trading pair.
  3. Below the K-line chart, enter the amount and the price at which you want to buy MX.
  4. Click on [Buy MX] to complete the purchase and wait for the order to be executed on the market.

You can find a detailed guide on how to buy MX tokens here.

MX Token Futures Market

Looking for something more exciting? MX token futures are for you! Same token, different trading experience. Here, you can capitalize on the market and earn more with a low barrier of entry.

To trade MX token futures, all you have to do is navigate to the Futures tab. Click on perpetual futures and select either USDT-M perpetual futures or Coin-M perpetual futures depending on your preference. Next, search for MX in the token search bar. Once you transfer funds from the spot wallet to the futures wallet, you are all set to trade MX token futures!

Convenient Statistics – MX Token Live Price Page

Convenient Statistics - MX Token Live Price Page
Convenient Statistics – MX Token Live Price Page

Too busy to browse through the entire spot page? Here is a simple solution. Introducing the MX token live price page! It’s a simple and convenient page with all the information you need: graphs, prices, market cap, trading volume, and more. Furthermore, there is a calculator for easy conversion and buying. Hassle-free trading begins today!


In conclusion, MX Token is a gem hiding in plain sight. Its value and utility are ever-increasing. Just between you and me, there are rumors regarding a huge MX ecosystem overhaul. After the upgrade, there will be even more features! There might even be events and games with rewards up for grabs! So, hurry up and hold some MX tokens. Don’t miss out on what MEXC has to offer!

It is also high time for you to check out our MEXC trading page and find out what we have to offer! You can learn more about crypto market updates and find interesting articles to get you up to speed with the crypto world. Happy trading!

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