Trump Criminal Trading Cards Gains 3,600%

NFTs featuring Trump as a criminal are gaining popularity amidst the 34 felony charges he is facing. While Trump has released his own NFT trading cards, Trump Criminal trading cards have also emerged depicting him as incarcerated.

Trump Criminal Trading Cards Gains 3,600%
Trump Criminal Trading Cards Gains 3,600%. Sourced from Trump Criminal Trading Cards

As former US President Donald Trump faces a historic indictment on 34 felony counts, an NFT collection centered around him is gaining popularity. However, the collection that is gaining traction is an unauthorized version. It depicts Trump in prison jumpsuits instead of heroic undertones. The Ethereum-based collection, named Trump Criminal Digital Cards, appears to be a knockoff of Trump Digital Trading Cards – the official collection of 45,000 NFTs released by Trump in December 2022. Despite this, Trump’s official collection also experienced an increase in sales on Tuesday.

The Trump Criminal Digital Cards initiative began approximately two weeks ago. It started when there were rumors circulating that Trump could be indicted for his involvement in the illegal hush money payments made to pornographic actress Stormy Daniels in 2016.

The collection’s supply is capped at 945 distinct NFTs. Over the past day, there have been 28 sales. Furthermore, some of them were labeled as “Smart Money Buys” on Nansen, a platform that tracks active traders. The inspiration came from Trump’s NFT collection, including his visage depicted in both smiling and pixelated forms. Now, the unauthorized Trump Criminal Digital Cards feature Trump in various prison cells and wearing different types of prison attire. Among the rarer costumes he sports is one where he wears a metal ball and chain attached to his ankle.

Price of Trump Criminal Trading Cards

Currently, the floor price of the prison-themed Trump Criminal Digital Cards has increased to 0.017 ETH or $31, as per Nansen data. Furthermore, its trading volume has skyrocketed to 1.13 ETH from 0.03 ETH the previous day, an increase of roughly 3,600%. In comparison to Trump’s authorized NFT collection, the Trump Criminal Trading Cards have a significantly lower floor price and trading volume. The Trump Digital Trading Cards have seen $64,000 or 35 ETH worth of trading volume over the past day, with the lowest-priced card listed at $937, as per NFT Price Floor.

Moreover, according to Nansen, the estimated market cap of Trump Criminal Trading Cards is 12 ETH or less than $23,000. In contrast, Trump’s authorized NFT collection has a total market capitalization of $42 million, as per NFT Price Floor.

The legitimate Trump NFT collection has experienced volatile momentum since its launch when the NFTs could be minted for $99 each. In recent times, the initial secondary market price for the collection has exceeded $1,000 per NFT, with a brief surge after news of Trump’s impending indictment was released.


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