Top Crypto Assets — All You Should Know About Them

Beginners and Crypto Assets

Hey, it’s DanOne Back! So you are a beginner looking for the greatest assets you can buy safely or insight on what assets to buy in 2023 for investment or choose for daily trading? In this article, I will explain what crypto assets are and if crypto is considered an asset plus how people in the real world manage them.

Top Crypto Assets — All you should know about them
Top Crypto Assets — All you should know about them

Is Crypto Considered as an Asset

Ten years ago, the modern financial world was skeptical even about digital banking for individuals, but today game changes every day and the crypto and fiat currencies are shaping and transforming. No longer fret, crypto is a highly sought-after asset. Institutions are rapidly trading bitcoin ETFs. Furthermore, some countries recognize crypto as legal tender and some even buy crypto for investment purposes.

Here is a table with banking institutions & countries where crypto is recognized, considered as an asset, or sold via ETF.

Banks & institutions which recognized crypto as an assetCountries where crypto is recognized as an asset or legal tender
Ally Bank, Chime Bank, Goldman Sachs, USAA and othersJapan, Belarus, Estonia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Philippines, USA, Salvador, Norway, Malta, Canada, Spain, Germany
Banking institutions & countries where crypto is recognized

If you were thinking of cryptos like Bitcoin are still a toy for nerds, these reputable names should have helped to change your mind!

Best Assets to Buy in 2022

Does the perfect crypto asset exist? How to pick the one with the potential for high returns? There is no definite answer to this query. But we found the easiest route!

  • First, different crypto represents different IT or financial industry niches, you’ve might already heard about NFT, Defi, or Play to Earn (P2E). Each field is a truly separate world with different trends, so you definitely can’t compare meme coin universe member Shiba Inu with serious ecosystem tokens such as Avalanche.
  • Second, since people have various interest and hobbies each trader or HODLer thinks of each crypto as the best digital asset.

Here is the pick: to find the best asset first pick the niche of blockchain industry you truly believe in.

Top Crypto Asset Managers

Crypto asset management can be rollercoaster for both individuals and institutions. Well, we found out how regular traders should select their favorite coins, but what about big players and who it is best to copy of them? We’ve prepared a list of Top crypto asset managers to check out in 2023: 

  • Grayscale Investments;
  • Wave Financial;
  • Bitwise Asset Management;
  • Pantera Capital Management; 
  • Systematic Alpha;
  • 10T Holdings;
  • Galaxy Digital;

Closing Thoughts

All cryptos can be top assets if you truly believe in them, there is now a chance that somebody will give you the trustable answer whether you should choose Litecoin or Ethereum for the long term! Just pick the industry you like and wait until your dreams come true!

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