STEPN — Move-to-Earn, the Next Evolution of Fitness

STEPN Token (STEPN/USDT) was launched in MEXC innovation zone on March 14,  with an opening price of 0.05 USDT. The highest price reached at 4.17 USDT, up to 8340%.

STEPN Token now on MEXC

What is STEPN?

STEPN is a self-styled “Web3 lifestyle app” with GameFi elements on the Solana blockchain. It combines aspects of a play-to-earn game with a fitness app to create a new category coined “move-to-earn.” Users buy NFT sneakers, which they can use to earn in-game currency while walking, running, or jogging.

STEPN aims to revolutionize the market of fitness applications by incentivizing millions of users to follow a healthier lifestyle. The app solves several problems like “proof of movement” – proving that users really exercised – and a functioning GPS system. Moreover, STEPN incentivizes users financially and plans to introduce social rewards elements and successfully contributes to carbon neutrality.

The application is available for Android and iOS and has gone from its inception stage to the open beta version in only five months. After its successful IDO in March 2022, STEPN plans to optimize its in-game features and launch on several other chains in the future.

What makes STEPN Unique?

STEPN aspires to disrupt the fitness industry in several ways.

Firstly, it incentivizes users to live a healthier lifestyle through a straightforward token reward mechanism. After downloading the app and creating a wallet, users can buy a pair of NFT sneakers to start earning in the game’s Solo Mode. By running or walking around, they can earn Green Satoshi Tokens (GST). Different types of sneakers return GST at different rates — the higher a sneaker’s efficiency attribute, the more GST per minute the user can earn.

This introduces the second revolutionary element of STEPN: the gamification of fitness. Thanks to the app’s in-game rewards, daily energy allowances, and customized sneakers, STEPN gamifies movement and nudges users towards a healthier lifestyle. In the future, the app plans to add a Marathon Mode, which will have weekly and monthly races between 2.5km and 15km. Marathon participants will be able to earn and compare their achievements on a leaderboard, with extra rewards for the top-ranking runners.

Finally, STEPN allows users to signal in two ways: through living a healthier lifestyle and earning tokens for it and through positively contributing to carbon neutrality. The former gives users an emotional and financial reward. The latter is achieved through STEPN’s contributions to buying Carbon Removal Credits on Solana to combat climate change.

What is STEPN token?

STEPN follows a dual-token model with a utility token called GST and a governance token called GMT. GST has an unlimited supply and is the app’s currency that is earned for movement. It has several burn mechanisms to disincentivize inflation, such as minting or repairing sneakers, leveling up sneakers, and upgrading gems.

GMT is earned after users have leveled up their sneakers to level 30. GMT has a total supply of 6 billion and is distributed as follows:

  • Move and Earn: 30%
  • Ecosystem and treasury: 30%
  • Private sale: 16.3%
  • Launchpad sale: 7%
  • Team :14.2%
  • Advisors: 2.5%

The total release of GMT is halved every three years, and team and private sale tokens are subject to vesting, which does not start before 2023.

How is STEPN network secured?

STEPN is built on Solana, a layer-one blockchain with a proof-of-history consensus combined with a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism with partial Byzantine fault tolerance. It has 200 nodes operating worldwide that can, at their peak, process up to 50,000 transactions per second. Solana performs a set of coordinated optimizations to achieve such impressive performance and processes transactions in a multi-threaded way, which sets it apart from slower blockchains.

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