Popular cryptos available to buy with MEXC

Are you looking for popular cryptos or well-known altcoins to invest in by the end of 2021?

If so, we’ve got you covered! We know how hard it is to find a good token and we want to help you make pick the right place to start searching for popular cryptos. That’s why we’ve created MEXC Global – easy way for investors of all levels to get access to cryptocurrencies that can be bought now. You don’t need thousands of dollars to start trading or investing – even $5 will do! With MEXC, anyone can become an active crypto trader or investor and earn from their own investments.

There are lots of options out there when it comes to buying popular cryptocurrencies and at this moment not all most popular crypto exchanges are equal. Some charge high fees or don’t offer enough security features while others might be too complicated for beginners who just want a simple way to buy crypto without any hassle. 

In MEXC we take care of everything from finding the best coins to list (You’ve might already hear that MEXC is a true GEM hunter!) and setting up your account so that your experience is as smooth as possible every step of the way! 

Popular Cryptos in MEXC trading terminal
One of the popular cryptos in MEXC Trading Terminal – ADA (Cardano)

Сardano (ADA)

Let’s talk about the most staked crypto in the world! A more decentralized protocol than Ethereum and has far less gas burn. All of this points to just one coin, Cardano(ADA).

The first blockchain project to be built on peer-reviewed academic research, and the only one that is being developed by a global team of leading academics and engineers. It’s a decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project that is fully open source. Built from scratch in the functional programming language Haskell, it allows for custom smart contracts as well as the creation of dapps (decentralized apps).

Moreover, you can also earn staking rewards (usually around 5%) by staking your Cardano. Convincing, right?

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that has been around for quite some time. It’s one of the oldest popular cryptocurrencies in existence, and it’s currently trading at around two hundred USD per coin. Its price might not be as high as Bitcoin or Ethereum, but there are still reasons to invest in Litecoin today.

There are many reasons why people believe that now is the perfect time to buy into popular crypto like Litecoin. For starters, PayPal just announced that they will soon start accepting payments via cryptocurrencies! So top crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin will be available through their subsidiary called Braintree. This means that PayPal merchants can now accept these coins without having to go through any hassle with exchanges or wallets!

If this news doesn’t convince you enough about how great an investment in Litecoin would be right now, then we don’t know what else could!

Filecoin (FILE)

The next popular crypto is Filecoin – a decentralized storage network that turns cloud storage into an algorithmic market. It’s like Uber for your spare hard drive space.

The goal of this popular cryptos project is to create a decentralized file storage. In this system you can store files on other people’s computers instead of large data centres, which are expensive and vulnerable to attack. This allows users to pay hosts with coins in exchange for storing their data across many different nodes so it cannot be censored or destroyed by any one company or government. It also incentivizes users who offer up their extra disk space through something called proof-of-replication, which ensures that each piece of information stored on the network is replicated some number of times depending on how much coin you want to spend (the more coin spent, the higher chance your data will still exist if someone tries to destroy it).

Axie infinity (AXS)

GameFi is on the hype now. Axie Infinity is a decentralized game that allows players to collect, raise and battle fantasy creatures called Axies. The game uses blockchain technology to ensure the rarity of each creature and store all data on the network. This means your collection will be stored forever! 

You can also trade or sell your Axies with other users for real money through their marketplace. They are constantly adding new features based on community feedback, so make sure to check it out.

And, you can find all these at MEXC right now!

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