It is much easier than you think to get top tier NFT Whitelists opportunity from MEXC NFT

Introduction to the NFT Sector of MEXC

– Introduction of the NFT Index

This April, MEXC took the lead in launching the NFT Index product. The blue-chip NFT purchased by MEXC supports this product. Without destroying the NFT ERC-721 standard, the NFT is “fragmented off the chain” to increase the liquidity of NFT assets and greatly reduce the entry barriers and investment risks for NFT enthusiasts.

At present, MEXC has purchased blue-chip NFTs such as Moonbirds, Clone X, Azuki, Meebits, Doodles, Invisible Friends, and 4-digit pure digital ENS domain names as value support and has successively launched NMOON, NCLONEX, NAKI, NMEEBITS, NDDS, NIFRIEND, ENSDOMAIN, and other Index Token.

Most index tokens are split using the following issuance ratio, 1 NFT=1,000,000 Index Token (each NFT split is called the corresponding 1,000,000 index tokens). Traders can trade any share of index tokens like a spot and use a fixed share of the index to exchange back the corresponding full NFT.

-Introduction to the MEXC NFT whitelist cooperation mechanism:

The MEXC NFT sector is also gradually exploring cooperation opportunities, conducting early cooperation with launching NFT projects such as Yogapetz, Whiko Land, Lunar, Yu-gn-Yn, etc., and leaving new opportunities in the NFT primary market with relatively high-income certainty to platform users.

Compared with other communities, MEXC NFT can help NFT projects find more users in the exchange’s seven million+ user group, including developing more community members, so there are relatively more opportunities for NFT whitelist. Follow are MEXC NFT whitelists top gainers:

Taking the Yu-gn-Yn project with a single whitelist revenue opportunity exceeding 0.7ETH as an example (mint price 0.077ETH, 2 mint per wallet, highest secondary market price 0.42ETH), MEXC NFT has a total of 150 whitelist oppotunities, but only around 90 places have actually met the task requirements. The difficulties obtaining the whitelist from the task system of MEXC NFT is much lower than other platforms, but most players didn’t realize that. This article will provide detailed instruction of the whitelist task of MEXC NFT.

The main process and operation of the whitelist task

  • Twitter giveaway

The task of the Twitter giveaway is relatively simple. Generally, follow the project account and MEXC’s account, like and retweet this tweet, and tag three friends in the message. Since the Twitter task is relatively simple, the odds of winning are not as high. So the focus is still on the tasks of Gleam and landing pages.

  • Gleam tasks

The Gleam task link is generally below the event tweet and is the main channel for rewards distribution. Gleam’s tasks are generally divided into two categories; one is must-do, such as following related Twitter accounts, joining Discord channels, and so on. However, the tasks that can be most effective in obtaining the whitelist are optional – tasks of this type are the tasks that raise the threshold but are actually not as difficult as imagined.

Like the Gleam task above, the first six tasks are relatively simple and mandatory until joining the Discord of both parties. After completion, click the ‘Continue’ button to verify. The real tasks that can decisively increase the chance of whitelisting is to fill in the MEXC UID here:

That is to say, you need to register a new user and trade crypto assets of at least 100U (buy 100U and sell 100U) to get an additional ten raffle tickets. ——This is also a marketing point that exchanges are more interested in, increasing actual new users. The costs of buying and selling is very low. For example, when trading USDT to USDC, there is nearly no transaction fee. With these ten extra tickets, you can basically crush more than 90% of the participants. And the registration of the MEXC is very simple at present, and we will instruct in detail in the next chapter.

  • Landing Page Tasks –

Do you want to surpass other participants and have a higher probability of getting rewards? Click “click the button,” participate in the new user prize pool, complete the registration, deposit 100U, and trade 200U, you can have your own WL with a high probability.

It should be noted that the prize pool for new users is completely independent, and even if they do not participate in Gleam activities, they can have the opportunity to obtain WL rewards.

The key points of whitelist tasks


Step 1: Click[Create an Account] to go to the register page. (Don’t forget to click the ‘register for the event’ button! or you may lose the opportunity for the winner.)

  • – Step 2: Go ahead and click that button! You’ll go to this sign-up page. Now, let’s type in your email address or mobile phone number and create your password or you can do it with your smartphone as well. Here’s my tip for creating a unique password, try to not use the same password as everything else in your life because this makes it hard for a hacker to break into your account; try to avoid short, and basic passwords, and try to use as many symbols, upper and lower case letters and the longer it is, the more secure it is.

-Step 3: Then click send now, a security verification window will come out, then select the pattern in the listed order for anti-bot verification, and after all, you’ll be receiving a verification code from MEXC, so please go ahead and check your inbox or message.

  • Let me use email as an example: this email will be from <>; here’s what the email is going to look like: just copy it and write it into these fields. Next, just read MEXCs terms and check that you agree with the terms, and go ahead and click on sign up for an account!
  • Congrats! Your account is all set now! Don’t forget your $1000 dollar bonus by clicking this button! Who doesn’t love a little free money!!

Guidelines for your first trade

Web ( :

– Step 1: Go to the navigation bar clicking on [wallet] > [Overview]

– Step 2: Click on [Deposit] > [Tokens] and choose the crypto assets you’d like to receive. For example, we choose 100 USDT as a deposit token. Be careful, do not transfer other cryptocurrencies that are not USDT to this address

– Step 3:Select the [Available Network] you’d like to receive

– Step 4: Once the asset is selected, the QR code and address will populate. Using the address as a destination address where you’re sending the funds

Congrats, you can check your funds in your wallet now.

– Step 5: Then we go to the navigation bar clicking on [Trade] > [Spot] to start trading!

Or Click on any cryptocurrency on the home page to go directly to the corresponding spot trading page. You can find a larger selection by clicking [More] at the bottom of the list.

– Step 6: Then, we go to the trading page interface.

(1) It shows the bitcoin trading volume of the trading pair in the last 24 hours

(2) This shows the sell order book

(3) Here is the buy-order book

(4) This area is the Candlestick chart and Market Depth

(5)Here is the Trading Type. You can randomly switch to Spot/Futures/ETF based on your needs. For now, we choose [Spot]

(6)This area shows the Type of order: Limit/Market/Stop-limit

(7) Here is the place where we buy the Cryptocurrency

(8)Also, this is the place we sell the Cryptocurrency

(9)This shows the Market and trading pairs.

(10)We can check Market Activities in market trading here

(11) You can find open orders, orders, and trade history

– Step 7: Let’s look at buying some MX.

Go to the buying section (7) to buy MX and fill in the price and the amount for your order. Click on [Buy MX] to complete the transaction.

You can follow the same steps to sell MX.

Register for Landing Page

To participate in the new user prize pool, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. First, remember to click the “Register for Event” button at the top of the web page. Forgotten clicks may not be recorded by participating users.

2. After completing the task, you need to click the “Fill in this form” button to fill in the information form. All the information must be filled in to verify the reward. If you forget to fill in, you may be unable to claim the prize.

Announcement of winners and award information

  • Twitter

The Twitter rewards will generally be prompted in the form of @ in the original tweet after the giveaway period ends. Please be sure to pay attention to the winning information.

  • Gleam

Both Gleam and new user prize pool activities will be announced below the event on Twitter. The winner’s wallet address and other information will be announced mainly through the form. The announcement date will be within 14 working days. Whitelist rewards will be announced before the project mint event starts.

  1. How to claim awards

After completed the tasks in Gleam, you actrully obtained the main information channels: the project official Twitter and the project official ‘Announcement’ channel in Discord. The latest progress of the project, including Mint Time, price, precautions, etc., will be notified in this channel. However, please note that the project party will not take the initiative to private message you, Twitter and Discord are full of deceptive information. For safety precautions, please refer to the information in the next chapter.

  • DTC

It means that the project party has obtained all the wallet addresses of the whitelist through cooperation activities. Those who have the whitelist only need to participate in the website by the project party at the start time of Mint, and no additional actions are required.

  • Whitelist roles

It means that the winners of the whitelist only obtains the Discord role of the project party’s whitelist, and the winner still needs to join the project party’s Discord to claim the role. Generally, the whitelist role is obtained through customer service through ‘Open a ticket’. Winners must always pay attention to the project’s notice and submit the wallet address in a specific way (separate channel or wallet submission tool) before the mint according to the project party’s requirements.

  1. Security on chain

NFT is an asset on the chain. Recently, many users have “lost assets” because of clicking on unknown websites or fully authorized hot wallet permissions.

Then, there are a few basic security perceptions that users need to pay close attention to and try their best to ensure the safety of their assets.

First of all, it is recommended to have at least one “cold wallet.” This hardware wallet can protect your assets well. You should store most of your funds (Token, NFT) in the cold wallet. Of course, whether your cold wallet supports the storage of NFT requires you to confirm with the wallet manufacturer.

The following are also worth noting:

  • Never click on an uncertain website. For example, if you need to do exchanges on Uniswap, enter the official Uniswap Twitter, and then enter the official website to interact.
  • As an NFT player, you may receive NFTs airdrops that you have not purchased, and someone will give you a very attractive offer, such as 1 ETH. You need to pay attention to this situation because there will be no free lunch, and do not accept the offer. Otherwise, your assets are no longer safe, and other assets are also at risk of being transferred.
  • Regularly clean accounts’ authorizations on the chain to ensure “clean” and “safety.” For example, you can enter ETH Scan, click More in the upper right corner, and then cancel the authorization in the context of the safe network. This method can also be used for security upgrades under certain circumstances.
  1. Other common and basic questions

What is NFT WL?

Whitelist, also called Allowlist, is a pre-approval NFT sales qualification issued by NFT projects and has relative priority for NFT primary market purchases. It is generally distributed through project cooperation or various activities within the community.

  • Do users still need to pay for minting NFT after obtaining WL?

Please pay attention to the project’s Twitter and Discord information. WL only guarantees a certain right of priority. Most projects still need to pay for Mint, and a few will be marked as Freemint (only need to pay the gas fee).

  • How to provide evidence of getting WL after joining the project discord?

Generally, open a ticket in the Discord Open/Create ticket channel. Provide your winning screenshots, and the staff will help to give you the corresponding Role.

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