MicroStrategy Boosts Treasury With Additional 5,445 Bitcoin Worth $147.3 Million

Key Points:

  • MicroStrategy invests an additional $147.3 million in Bitcoin.
  • Michael Saylor remains a staunch Bitcoin advocate.
  • MicroStrategy’s moves might inspire more institutional Bitcoin investments.

MicroStrategy, a leading software firm, has once again reinforced its profound commitment to Bitcoin by securing an additional 5,445 BTC for its corporate reserves. This procurement, executed on September 24, 2023, was transacted at an average cost of about $27,053 for each Bitcoin, pushing the total investment for this buy to approximately $147.3 million.

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Reserve Swells to $4.68 Billion

With this latest acquisition, the company’s Bitcoin reserve now stands impressively at 158,245 BTC. The cumulative amount spent on these holdings averages around $29,582 per Bitcoin, translating to nearly $4.68 billion. These numbers are a testament to MicroStrategy’s bullish stance on Bitcoin as a long-term store of value.

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, is at the helm of these strategic Bitcoin procurements. Saylor has been a vocal proponent of Bitcoin, often referring to it as the digital counterpart to gold. He consistently emphasizes Bitcoin’s significance as a pivotal reserve asset for corporations. This recent purchase underscores his belief in the cryptocurrency and strengthens MicroStrategy’s reputation as one of Bitcoin’s most substantial institutional backers.

For those who have closely monitored MicroStrategy’s trajectory in the crypto realm, this investment aligns seamlessly with the firm’s prior actions. Their maiden foray into Bitcoin investment was back in August 2020. Since that pivotal move, the company has persistently increased its Bitcoin reserves, occasionally leveraging debt for its purchases.

MicroStrategy Boosts Treasury With Additional 5,445 Bitcoin Worth $147.3 Million
MicroStrategy Boosts Treasury With Additional 5,445 Bitcoin Worth $147.3 Million

Saylor’s Enduring Confidence in Bitcoin’s Potential

Saylor’s conviction in Bitcoin’s potential is palpable. As highlighted in a video segment by Bitcoin Historian Pete Rizzo, Saylor believes Bitcoin’s value remains underestimated, especially when contrasted against other cryptocurrency opportunities. Furthermore, he has repeatedly gone on record to suggest that altcoins might be overpriced and are better off being liquidated.

Given Bitcoin’s escalating recognition as a robust store of value, especially amidst fluctuating economic landscapes, it’s intriguing to speculate if other institutional entities will receive inspiration from MicroStrategy’s unwavering confidence and subsequently expand their Bitcoin portfolios.


As Bitcoin continues its journey in the financial world, industry leaders like MicroStrategy set the tone, emphasizing its potential and durability. Only time will tell if other corporate giants will join the Bitcoin bandwagon.

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