MEXC Announces Strategic Partnership with the Leading Cryptocurrency Brokerage BitKan

We are glad to announce the partnership with BitKan, an industry leading cryptocurrency exchange brokerage best known for its BitKan Smart Trade technology, which allows BitKan users to trade cryptocurrency at the best prices globally. With this partnership, BitKan is adding MEXC to BitKan Smart Trade’s trading depth, enabling users to trade crypto pairs listed across multiple industry-leading exchanges at even better prices.

Our operation in Asia is now expanding faster than ever, and we’re happy to have BitKan helping us connect with more cryptocurrency traders and offer seamless user experience in the local market.” This integration will allow BitKan users to take advantage of differences in funding rates across MEXC and more top-tier exchanges and execute arbitrage strategies.

John Chen, CEO of MEXC,

Since 2012, BitKan has always strived to provide more functions and coin varieties to our users. We continuously look for quality partners and are honored to have MEXC onboard to further strengthen our advantages. It will also open a new ground for us to reach more users and crypto communities. We welcome global users to trade their favorite coins on BitKan and discover more crypto gems. ”

CEO of BitKan, Leon Liu

What is BitKan?

Founded in 2012, BitKan is an industry-leading one-stop cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore and Japan. With an aggregated liquidity generated across leading exchanges such as Binance, FTX and Huobi, BitKan users get to trade over 1200+ coins with 1 BitKan APP.

Today, with more than 7 million users across the world, our platform is empowering an increasing number of people to get involved in the crypto space with blockchain technology. We will continue to work with partners like BitKan to bring user experience to the next level, and help people open up new ways to the crypto-sphere. 

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