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The fastest growing crypto exchange in Asia, now ready to serve you in North America! MEXC is the base camp for your crypto adventure. We learn and we grow together. What are you waiting for? Be a crypto leader, achieve financial success!

Our Mission

We aim to provide a wide variety of cryptocurrency with spot, futures, and margin trading services. Not only that, we offer trending NFT and ETF projects! Users’ asset safety always comes first. We take good care of user funds and we take approaches such as automatic deleverage, when the market has large fluctuations.

We believe in the idea of “Customer First”, where you are our priority. We are here to guide you on the path of cryptocurrency. We also want to be your safety net, the 24/7 support that everyone needs.

Our Journey

Established in 2018, MEXC is one of the world’s leading one-stop cryptocurrency exchange. We emerge from the Web3.0 wave, focusing on quality, efficiency and security. Under the leadership of John Chen, we have successfully served more than 170 countries and regions with 10 million users worldwide!

Our Achievements

In 2021, MEXC received the award of “Best Crypto Exchange Asia” at the Crypto Expo Dubai. Furthermore, we are ranked second worldwide in the derivatives market with 24h trading volume of $37 billion dollars.

MEXC currently has 1,549 coins and 2,148 trading pairs. We are the first exchange listing OP, APT, GLMR, EVMO and many more! In 2022 alone, our debut coin ORBR saw the highest increase of 60,908%. This is just one out of our thousands of coins and trading pairs waiting for you to explore.

What We Provide

  1. High performance trade matching engine technology handling a gigantic 1.4 million units per second
  2. 10+ Million traders along with MEXC GLOBAL partners ensuring enough liquidity and abundant resources on the platform
  3. Multi-tier, multi-cluster system architecture for extreme safety and stability
  4. Providing thousands of trading pairs and cryptocurrency for our traders
  5. 24/7 support team catering to all your trading needs
  6. A fun environment for everyone to learn and explore
  7. Empowering engagement with fun filled activities with great rewards

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