What is Google Authenticator and how to bind it?

Google Authenticator is a dynamic password tool that works like SMS Dynamic Authentication, which generates a dynamic authentication code every 30s after binding.  It can still be used when the mobile phone is offline. 

Why do you need to bind Google Authenticator

After opening Google identity verification, the security of login, transaction and withdrawal on MEXC will be greatly improved, effectively reducing the possibility of capital loss due to the theft of account passwords by hackers. 

Guide for bind & activation of GA

  • Step 1: Please log in to your account first and click on “Security Center”
MEXC Google Authenticator
MEXC Google Authenticator
  • Step 2: Click “Setup” 
MEXC Google Authenticator Setup
MEXC Google Authenticator Setup
  • Step 3: Please complete the binding according to your mobile phone system and corresponding prompts

iOS users can click on the App Store demo video to learn how to do it. Android users can click on the “Google Play” demo video to learn specific operations according to their needs.

MEXC Google Authenticator User Setup
MEXC Google Authenticator User Setup


iOS users may go to App Store to search for “Google Authenticator” to get it. Android users may go to the Google App Store and search for ” Google Authenticator” to get it.  

Add key to Authenticator

Click “+” in the bottom rightadd your key to the authenticator by scanning the QR code or manually entering the key


MEXC Autenticator

Enter the data to complete the binding:

Enter the login password and “Get It Now” to check and enter your phone/mailbox verification code, as well as Google verification code. Click “Bind” to successfully bind Google Authenticator

MEXC Google Auth

The key is used to retrieve Google Authenticator when the phone is replaced or lost, please be sure to save the key backup before binding.

Each dynamic password is valid for 30 seconds and is only used for one operation, and the expiration is immediately replaced, please enter it in time.

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