MEXC AMA – Session with Eric and Will

In this Telegram AMA recap you will find answers to the most anticipated questions about the FlourishingAI project. In an event hosted by Miranda from MEXC, you will meet Eric Gonzalez and Will Perone from the team!


Introduction to FlourishingAI AMA Members:

Tsaishen: I’m one of the two cofounders of the FlourishingAI Capital project. Our goal is simple really – to help you trad with whale level intelligence. To turn you into the “smart money’. To help guide our clients in creating portfolios which excel in bull markets and protect profits in bear markets.

As for me, I’m a veteran of the startup space, along with my friend. We’re now on our 4th company (yes – we’ve done this before), and have come from companies like Oracle/NetSuite, and Nvidia’s AI division. We’ve started and sold startups to Paypal among others

Will Perone: Pleasure to be here. I’m Will Perone, CTO / cofounder. This is my 4th startup. I’m a professional day trader and AI expert from NVidia. My prior companies have been funded by TenCent and sold to PayPal.

Questions from community to FlourishingAI:

Question 1:

Miranda: What is FlourishingAI? Can you share with us more in detail?

Tsaishen: Sure, simply put, FlourishingAI is the most advanced artificial intelligence portfolio management & insights solution available today for the DeFi and crypto investors.

It’s an advanced AI which forms an opinion on tokens based on analysis of on chain metrics, news, exchange congestion, TA patterns, volume analysis, and so much more

Our goal (when we created this originally for us to use) was to improve and protect profits. We’ve made it available to all make trading crypto safer, easier & more profitable for everyone.

In January 2022 FlourishingAI will change Binance Smart Chain forever with the launch of Flourishing upLink. Visit FlourishingAI website to find out more!

Miranda: Safer, easier & more profitable, that’s all we need for trading!

Tsaishen: You can see rating, the pattern on the chart, and suggested price. Basically a buy/hold/sell rating with data behind it. In January 2022 FlourishingAI will change Binance Smart Chain forever with the launch of Flourishing upLink. Visit FlourishingAI website to find out more! There’s a live example of the power of FlourishingAI. there’s nothing like it

Will Perone: Yea Fait analyzes thousands of markets in parallel 24/7. You can query any of them using the /i command. We have a very beefy server infrastructure to handle the amount of processing and data that we use. We also talk about market analysis and my forecasts on markets as a professional trader weekly on our live cast.

Tsaishen: To use it here (once unmuted) just use /i eth or /i btd or /i mx or any token

Miranda: Thanks for the introduction and demonstration👏👏

Question 2:

Miranda: What triggers you to FlourishingAI? What are some of the real-world problems/ pain points that FlourishingAI aims to solve?

Tsaishen: Great question. Crypto investing is anything but safe. Whether it’s market volatility, rug pulls, or scam tokens, the average investor is gambling as much as they are investing, because there is simply no way that they can keep up with the speed of the market, and nor can they actively monitor everything that’s happening, but an AI can.

Tsaishen: FlourishingAI changes everything. FlourishingAI’s technology – we call her FAIT – is designed to actively protect and insulate your assets from market volatility in order to ensure long-term performance and stable asset growth. FlourishingAI gives crypto buyers an edge in an elegant and easy-to-use interface that takes the guesswork out of investing in crypto

Ask yourself – Do you know when to take profits? Do you know when the market bottom is?

Will Perone: There is an extra layer of difficulty investing in crypto beyond even equities. Avoiding scams and the issues related to investing in startups.

Tsaishen: if you had enough data, you could figure it out reasonably well. That’s why FlourishingAI combs through 12TB of data daily.

Yes, this is a big deal. FlourishingAI can help keep you out of these scam coins

Will Perone: Managing portfolios is in itself already a complex task but we go a step further by also helping people avoid scams etc. We create unique actively managed portfolios which are tailored per client by AI. It’s miles ahead of anything else on the market

Question 3:

Miranda: What about the role of $AI in FlourishingAI ? Would you tell us more about its tokenomics?

Tsaishen: Certainly. AI is the way people can access this amazing platform

$AI is used to hold to access services, and fees for portfolio management/fiat to crypto are assessed in $AI. $AI is burned each time minus a small fee, so it’s really deflationary. Increasingly so as the platform grows. $AI is a true utility token for us. All payments and transactions are filtered through the $AI token.

Question 4:

Miranda: Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to FlourishingAI that you would like to share with the users? 

Tsaishen: Yes! We’re really active on the innovation front. We are going to be launching a series of new products this year, all of which are complementary to our core portfolio management offering. Starting with Flourishing upLink, which is going to change Binance Smart Chain forever and that launches this month, the cryptoverse is going to see a consistent flow of innovative new offerings from us this year. To find out what uplink is.

Miranda: Change Binance Smart Chain forever. I’m looking forward to seeing it!👊

Tsaishen: Please keep an eye on or, join our weekly live show – Flourishing Live! You can see the show on Youtube called “beyondFOMO” or on Twitch!

Question 5:

Miranda: If you were to summarize your project in ONE word, what would it be? Why?

Tsaishen: Innovative. We take on hard projects: AI based learning / neural net to protect crypto buyers. We provide deep analysis. We always push the limits of what’s possible in technology!

Will Perone: foundational – because we are building the infrastructure to allow crypto to mature our series of products are all about building the hard stuff that needs to be built to develop the industry to a point of higher quality

Tsaishen: Otherwise people lose money and quit crypto. we’re on a mission: no more wrecked newbies!

Free-asking Session to FlourishingAI

Q1. “Many blockchain projects are just on paper and have no real meaning. What practical product is your project using? What plans do you have for a better product in the future?

Tsaishen: We love this question. In creating an AI based portfolio manager, we have created a way to allow anyone, of any experience level, to trade like knowledgable investors. Imagine crypto growing much faster because new users do not experience rug pulls or 50% drops in portfolio. Imagine how quickly crypto can grow if it’s a safe place to invest. That’s our mission. I can’t think of a more important L3 function, so we believe we are foundational to crypto

Q2. Where i can get all the latest news about ? Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups?

Will Perone: Yes in fact with Fait you can simply type /ai and she will give you the official links to our social media. You can type /i with any market and get their official social media links and official smart contract link/address! We are very much into protecting people from scams. See the official links are right here including the official smart contract –

Q3. Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Tsaishen: Absolutely – we’d love to provide some context. $AI is a true utility token for us. All payments and transactions are filtered through the $AI token.

Will Perone: So to answer this we also have to answer our revenue model. Customers manage portfolios through us. They pay for this service. We take part of that payment and buy/burn AI. Our next big product launch upLink coming out this month will also be heavily tied into burning AI as well as add significant revenue for our company to scale.

Second, to this, we internally use Fait to manage corporate funds we have raised as well. As well as almost every employee has funds managed by Fait.

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