Metavisa – Identity and Credit System in MetaVerse

What is MetaVisa Protocol? It’s a Web3.0 middleware protocol, which aims to create the Decentralized Identity and Credit System in Metaverse. MetaVisa Protocol conducts comprehensive processing and evaluation of data in various dimensions such as credit history, on-chain behavior preference, address activity level, asset holdings & portfolio, address correlation. MetaVisa is founded by a strong network and team consisting of Jassem Osseiran, an entrepreneur and consultant in the financial services, alternative investments sector and Silent Unicorn, a venture builder that focuses on building, financing and expanding technology businesses globally.

Metavisa – Identity and Credit System in MetaVerse
Metavisa – Identity and Credit System in MetaVerse

What is MetaVisa Credit Score (MCSs)

Based on the blockchain data, using cloud computing, machine learning technologies, and model algorithms such as logistic regression, decision trees, random forests, etc., MetaVisa conducts comprehensive processing and evaluation of data in various dimensions such as Credit History, On-Chain Behavior Preference, Address Activity Level, Asset Holdings & Portfolio, Address Correlation.

The MetaVisa credit score system will award the users with ranked badges based on their MCSs. Users with higher MCSs will be rewarded with high-ranking badges and therefore have privileges in services from various DApps. The credit system will award the users with ranked badges based on their MCSs

Users with higher MCSs will be rewarded with high-ranking badges. These badges, which are unique NFTs, can serve as a kind of MID verification system, assuring other users and platforms that the bearer of a badge is who they claim to be, own what they claim to own, and is being truthful about their past on-chain behavior.

Developers can use MetaVisa’s credit system to improve the Metaverse experience for everyone involved. Beyond just providing a MID, which will make effective interaction with other people and applications in the Metaverse possible, MetaVisa’s credit system can be applied by platforms and applications to provide better services, improve their governance, and manage their communities.

Developers and community members can formulate a corresponding membership system based on the MetaVisa credit system to motivate and retain users with high scores in desired areas. The MetaVisa credit system can also allow developers to quickly identify upstanding members of the community they wish to attract and reward, improving the user base’s quality and making marketing efforts more efficient.

DAOs can use the information in a badge to enhance and improve their governance models. For example, a model utilizing the MCS could look at the number of tokens or shares held and at factors like engagement, history with similar applications, and credit score to determine how votes should be weighed.

For DeFi, MetaVisa makes improved lending possible by developing a credit score for the user based on their past behavior and current assets. As a result, DeFi protocols will be able to offer new and improved services, knowing that the person they are dealing with is a reliable, active, and creditworthy denizen of the Metaverse.

Games in the Metaverse can be combined with the MetaVisa credit system to provide special rewards distribution, settle asset ownership issues, and provide rewards to loyal users. Additionally, the MetaVisa credit system can be used as a credential to log in to third-party applications in Metaverse, including other games and platforms that players may wish to bring their assets to.

Vision of MetaVisa

At present, the metaverse is still in its early stage of development, mainly due to that the current technical conditions can’t satisfy the requirements, while this does not mean that this situation will continue. As the underpinning technology grows mature, it is only a matter of time for an explosion growth of the metaverse. The metaverse is a complex and huge virtual world, which implies builders needs to contribute extraordinary efforts to building this parallel world.

As an early builder, MetaVisa has established itself a positioning in the metaverse. MetaVisa is composed of two split words of “Meta” and “visa”. The former means “going beyond” and “a meta unit”, and the latter means “proof” and “visa”. By integrating, MetaVisa means providing proofs that go beyond the past. It acts as an extension of the traditional credit system in reality, coupled with its vision of forming a new parallel world with the metaverse going beyond the universe, it is easy to understand that MetaVisa aims to build an important identity credit system for the metaverse in the future. With this mission, MetaVisa will usher in a new era of metaverse application system.

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