MEXC Launched a Twitter Space to Discuss Which Directions Are Noteworthy In 2023 After The ‘2022 Crypto Winter’?

On January 6,MEXC launched a Twitter Space to discuss the noteworth directions in crypto industry 2023. Softlipa1018, NUO Ambassador & Wanzi Crypto Founder;Victor Ionescu,Co-Founder at Hashflow; Mora, Ambassador of SEER; Nick Fisher, Partnerships and Integrations Manager of A0;and Leo Zhao, Venture Partner at MEXC Ventures all joined the discussion.

Nick Fisher believes that zero knowledge proof,decentralized custody solutions,utility NFTs ,green solutions and regulation compliant solutions are the most optimistic directions in 2023.

Among the public chains,Polygon and Cosmos are also noteworthy. 2022 was an outstanding year for Polygon. It has brought some of the largest Fortune 500 companies to Web3, like Meta, Robinhood, Starbucks, and has had around 800k smart contracts deployed on the network.Cosmos provides workable answers to some of the most challenging issues, and they do focus on proper community support. For public chains,it is important to provide builders with a decentralized privacy stack for both transactions, and to be able to program confidential smart contracts.

Both Nick Fisher and Mora believe it is hard to jump in a conclusion in regard to whether there will be bull market in 2023.The downfall of an industry giant like FTX is completely different from that of Luna, the difference is the blow to confidence. The inside of the currency circle has destroyed confidence in large capital, brand endorsement, and centralized exchanges. Off-site traditional funds have also suffered heavy losses this time, and it is difficult to re-enter the market until the supervision is further clarified.

Despite the unclear market trend,they both consider Ethereum and Layer2 will become highlights in 2023.The short-term opportunities for capital-hyped projects are not great, but the high point of the bull market will still appear, similar to P2E . The opportunity of the new public chain will still be the most popular model for speculators.

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