Lithosphere — The Next-Generation AI-based Decentralized Apps

Lithosphere (LITHO/USDT) was luanched on MEXC M-Day on May 2.Total Tokens Allocated to MEXC Mday are  240,000 LITHO. For inviting round,  users can earn tickets by inviting friends via referral links.After listing with a opening price of 0.05 USDT, the highest price hit 0.4 USDT, up 800%.


What is Lithosphere?

Lithosphere is the next-generation platform for cross-chain decentralized, censorship-resistant applications powered by AI & Deep Learning. Lithosphere is the world’s first AI-powered, advanced blockchain interoperability platform. The KaJ Labs Foundation, the core-developers of Lithosphere introduce; a novel consensus algorithm, a new token standard with a combination of other innovations like Deep Neural Networks(DNNs) to make smart contracts intelligent. The KaJ Labs Foundation aims to introduce more innovations to the network and the blockchain eco-system in general.

What makes Lithosphere unique?

Ego DEX, Ego DEX is a fully decentralized cross-chain swap protocol, based on Lithosphere’s Myriad Distributed Key Management (MDKM) technology. Ego DEX enables swaps between any coins on any blockchain which uses ECDSA or EdDSA as signature algorithm like BTC, Stellar etc.

Thanos Wallet, Thanos is a free client-side interface for creating and using Lithosphere wallets. The Thanos wallet contains a suite of innovative functions like cross-chain Swaps, multi-currency storage, NFT DEX, yield farming, lending, borrowing & more.

True Interoperability, Most blockchain networks that advertise interoperability are in fact using a compatibility model by forcing connecting blockchains to adhere to their parachain / central Hub to facilitate communication between diverse networks. The Lithosphere project aims to create ecosystems that facilitate trust-less decentralized communication between different cross-blockchain transfers of any type of data or asset (not just tokens) without forcing any standards.

LITHO token

LITHO is the native coin of Lithosphere. Both cross-and intra-chain transactions consume a certain amount of  LITHO.  LITHO i is also used in security deposits for the cross-chain verification nodes. LITHO is the currency of choice in the Lithosphere network although another crypto can be used as well since the Lithosphere blockchain supports interoperability.

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