How to Participate in MEXC Launchpad?

MEXC Launchpad offers a token sale platform that provides users worldwide with an exclusive opportunity to invest in high-quality projects with MX Token. Exclusive offers exclusive benefits for MX token holders. (The rules of the activities are determined by the specific rules of each period.)

You can find the entrance of Launchpad when click [Earn] on the navigation bar, then go to [Launchpad]

To participate in the Launchpad, users will need to hold a specific amount of MX token or USDT.

For MX token, the range is usually from 10 to 100,000MX; for USDT, the range is from 10 to 1000USDT.(The amount will be determined by different launchpads)

Then, MEXC will record user MX or USDT holding amount.The minimum holding amount will be different according to different Launchpad rules.

Often, there will be MX or USDT position period, subscription period, distribution period before trading.(The detailed period will be determined by the specific rules of each launchpad)

  • Snapshot Period will often be 4 days.Users must have a minimum average daily holding of MX token or USDT required during the snapshot period.(The amount will be determined by different launchpads)

Daily average position = Sum on smallest positions held on X days/X days

  • Subscription Period : Subscription will open at this time for all eligible users for a 24 hour period. Users must also sign the Token Purchase Agreement at the same time, prior to committing MX or USDT. Users must click on the button to commit a certain amount of MX or USDT towards the new project during this subscription period. The max amount of MX or USDT a user can commit depends on the daily average MX balance in his Spot Account over the 5-day snapshot period.
  • Distribution Period : Right after the subscription period finished, token allocation calculation begins.
    • The initial rough calculation of each participant’s final token allocation is: Individual committed MX or USDT / Total committed MX or USDT by all participants) * Total project tokens to be sold on Launchpad.
    • The amount of MX to be deducted= (participant’s final token allocation *Project Token*IEO price) / MX average price

After going to Launchpad page, choose the launchpad you want to participate in.Then you will see the details of the projects.

Click[Participate now] and enter deposit amount to confirm your participation.

Please also note:

  • To ensure the fairness of all participants, once the users have clicked and agreed to participate in the drawing, the corresponding MX or USDT tokens in the user’s account will be locked. The locked tokens during the event period will not be withdrawn or traded.

MEXC Launchpad gives users a chance to participate in the IEO of some excellent projects and will keep looking for high-qualified projects.

The 7th session of Launchpad with Age of Zalmoxis (KOSON) is ongoing

Age of Zalmoxis, developed by Wenmoon Studios Ltd, is a AAA MMORPG that integrates Blockchain technology. The game Metaverse is set in an ancient fantasy world inspired by European folklore. It contains dungeons and thousands of quests . Players create characters to grow through combat, narrative content, events, crafting, dungeons and other means to gain experience, aiming to create a fantasy version of the kingdom of Dacia.

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