[2022/7/25] Episode 3!MEXC Talk Show — How to use ICHI to redesign DeFi?

The third episode of the MEXC Talk Show series, “MEXC Talk Show – How to use ICHI to redesign DeFi?” Twitter Space event, hosted by MEXC, was held on 25th July at 8:00pm (SGT). In this roundtable, we invited several guests from ICHI team Daniel Tal | Geoffrey Greenfader | Ben Spickard to discuss “How to use ICHI to rebuild DeFi”.

How to use ICHI to redesign DeFi?

Event Time:

25 July 8:00 PM(SGT)

Venue:MEXC GLOBAL Twitter Space

How to Participate:

Complete all the steps in the event link, and you’re in!

Reward Distribution:

  1. 20 people who complete the Gleam tasks will win 15 $USDT each
  2. 5 best questions picked by the AMA guest will win 20 $USDT each
  3. 10 people who entered our official telegram community will receive 10 $USDT each.

Winners Announcement

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