HSBC Advances Digital Asset Adoption With New Custody Service

Key Points:

  • HSBC embraces blockchain, launching tokenized security custody by 2024.
  • Metaco’s acquisition by Ripple paves the way for HSBC’s digital leap.
  • HSBC’s digital service to bolster secure, scalable asset trading platforms.

Europe’s financial titan HSBC is charting new territory in digital finance by unveiling a novel service for safeguarding tokenized securities. By joining forces with the Swiss-based crypto custodian Metaco (recently acquired by the FinTech innovator Ripple), HSBC is enhancing its stature as a pioneering force among banks delving into the blockchain revolution.

A recent broadcast by CNBC highlighted this strategic partnership. It underlines HSBC’s ambition to lead the banking sector into a future where digital bonds and other securities are as safely stored as their physical counterparts. The service, which is eyeing a 2024 debut, represents the latest of HSBC’s digital ventures. This adds to a growing portfolio that includes the Orion platform for digital asset issuance and a foray into tokenized gold investments.

HSBC Advances Digital Asset Adoption With New Custody Service
HSBC Advances Digital Asset Adoption With New Custody Service

Strategic Partnerships in Blockchain Expansion

This past May, Ripple’s strategic move to acquire Metaco marked a watershed moment for the company’s extension into broader enterprise solutions. With Metaco’s esteemed track record in managing and securing digital assets for an institutional clientele, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse extolled the firm’s established prestige. He anticipated its continued trajectory of growth under Ripple’s wing.

HSBC’s forthcoming service leverages Metaco’s Harmonize™, a custody infrastructure trusted by premier banks and financial institutions worldwide. Harmonize aims to streamline the management of digital assets with a focus on institutional security, bringing various management facets together for a comprehensive solution.

BNY Mellon’s previous foray into digital asset custody sets a precedent that HSBC is keen to follow. With tokenized securities, the banking industry sees a transformation, converting regulated assets like bonds and equities into blockchain tokens. This innovation is not limited to cryptocurrency transactions but extends to digitizing assets for more efficient payment and trading processes.

Setting the Pace for Future Banking Services

HSBC’s press statement, voiced by Chief Digital, Data, and Innovation Officer Zhu Kuang Lee, recognizes the escalating demand for digital assets’ custody and management services. In response, the bank is advancing a secure, scalable infrastructure for digital custody by forging pivotal alliances. This is also a testament to its commitment to innovation in asset servicing.

Metaco’s CEO Adrien Treccani voices his optimism about joining HSBC’s initiative to leverage distributed ledger technology for asset management. The Harmonize platform is poised to redefine how capital markets operate, particularly as they progress toward distributed ledger technology.

John O’Neill, the spearhead of HSBC’s Global Digital Assets Strategy, is enthusiastic about the synergy between the bank’s digital custody service and its existing digital asset platforms. He reaffirms HSBC’s resolve to nurture the digital asset marketplace’s expansion.


As digital securities gain momentum, HSBC’s initiative to introduce a digital asset custody service is a significant stride towards modernizing the infrastructure supporting digital asset ownership and trade. This innovation underscores the bank’s foresight in recognizing and responding to the evolving needs of asset managers and owners as the financial landscape transitions into the digital age.

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