How to Participate in Popular Earnings Events

MEXC has created a series of earning events about MX Token, aimed at providing good benefits to the MX community, as well as MEXC users.

How to Participate in Popular Earnings Events
How to Participate in Popular Earnings Events


MEXC Launchpad offers a token sale platform that provides users worldwide with an exclusive opportunity to invest in high-quality projects with MX Token. Exclusive benefits for MX token holders.

You can find the entrance to each event in the top menu bar.

Participation method: Users generally need to hold the position MX Token for 4-5 days, the platform randomly snapshots the user’s MX Token position situation in one day, and the average minimum position number in 4-5 days is the number of MX Token that can be invested in Launchpad. The platform distributes the project tokens according to the total investment of MX Token.

MEXC Kickstarter

MEXC Kickstarter is a launch event activity at the pre-launch stage of a project in which the project initiates voting for the launch on MEXC, and then airdrops its tokens for free to all successful voting use. It only accepts MX Token in the vote and the winning project will provide free airdrops to MEXC users.

Participation method: Each project voting generally lasts for half a day, and users holding MX token can participate in the voting and receive tokens for free based on the total MX Token voted.


M-Day is an event that allows users to purchase a newly launched token through a lottery drawing. Through the trading round and MX holding round, users participate in token sales after acquiring a ticket from the M-Day event.

Participation method: M-Day has two participation rounds. One is the trading round that the user obtains the number of tickers by trading on the MEXC and based on the trading volume 2-3 days before the start of M-day. The other is MX Holding round that the user obtains the number of tickers by holding MX Token. Token distribution can then be obtained based on the number of winnings.


MX-DeFi is a staking opportunity for users to stake MX/Project Tokens to receive more tokens as the yield.

Participation method: There is usually a staking time of about 3 days, and the user needs to stake MX token or project tokens for at least 1 day to get the project token reward.


Staking is a simple and easy way for users to stake their tokens to receive additional tokens.

Participation method: Users can choose fixed pools and flexible pools. Fixed pool needs users to stake tokens for at least 1-30 days. While in the flexible pools users do not need to lock the token and can get the corresponding interest in the spot account.

Closing thoughts

Through this series of earning events, users can get more opportunities to participate in the crypto world, enhance their awareness of each token, and enjoy high returns.

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