DOGE Coin’s Real-Life Dog Kabosu is Severely Sick

Recently, the owner of Kabosu posted on Instagram and Twitter regarding Kabosu’s health. According to her tweet, the Shiba Inu is currently very ill. Kabosu’s face is the meme face we all see on Dogecoin every day. Thankfully, the owner believes that Kabosu will fully recover soon thanks to everyone’s support around the globe.

Kabosu's 17th Birthday on November 2, 2022
Kabosu’s 17th Birthday on November 2, 2022

Last month, Kabosu celebrated its 17-year-old birthday. It is important to know that Shiba Inu has an average lifespan of between 12-15 years. In dog years, Kabosu is already a senior among senior citizens. As the news of her sickness circulated on social media, many came to wish her a speedy recovery. Billy Markus, Dogecoin’s founder also replied to the tweet with folded hands and asked the community to send her wishes.

Kabosu’s signature meme face first appeared back in 2010. Sato posted an image of Kabosu’s awkward smile and captioned it: “Such fun…wow”. Little did she know, the image became viral as more and more users share it. Soon, people started photoshopping it into more jokes and memes.

In 2013, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer saw the meme’s success and decided to use it as the inspiration for Dogecoin. Eventually, it became the world’s first-ever meme coin and maintained its popularity until this day. Kabosu herself is also very popular among the crypto community. In fact, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin went to visit the Shiba Inu back in 2018.

Kabosu’s Indirect Impact Towards Crypto

Although Kabosu did not know of its popularity, the crypto world knows it. Kabosu inspired the first meme coin and in return, we witness the growth of many other Shiba-related coins. For example, we have the doge killer SHIB, doge-related games such as Tamadoge, SINU, and many more. According to CoinMarketCap, Dogecoin is currently the 8th largest coin with a $10 billion market cap.

Currently, Dogecoin’s price is on a minor downtrend, trading at $0.0746028 per unit. Perhaps it is directly reflecting on Kabosu’s health. Hopefully, we will get an update from her owner soon regarding her health conditions. In the meantime, you can check out the live price of DOGE right here!

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Wilbur strives in two ecosystems – Sports and Blockchain. Hit him up now to talk about all things crypto related!

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Wilbur Kwok
Wilbur strives in two ecosystems – Sports and Blockchain. Hit him up now to talk about all things crypto related!