Degis — An All-In-One Protection Market

Degis is the next-generation all-in-one protection protocol, the first on Avalanche. Degis will offer exhaustive protection to users and traders, offer a decentralized protection market and ultimately bring scalable risk management to the crypto world.

Degis Token
Degis Token

What makes Degis Token Unique?

Degis is the next-generation DeFi protection protocol bridging the physical and digital world. Degis is aiming to completely disrupt the traditional insurance market by their unique peer-to-peer discretionary mutual protection pools.

Degis leverages blockchain technology to solve the two key problems in the traditional insurance market, which are excessive operation cost and non-transparent claims. To solve these problems, Degis developed 4 types of protection models which is token model, oracle model, meta market and DAO model.

In token model, Degis uses smart contracts to shake reserves, one can tokenize a certain protection event and use AMM pool to make it circulate in the secondary market. The smart contract will execute the cover payment at the expiry date automatically.

Degis adopts AI algorithms to predict the price of each protection product and sell it to buyers as an NFT in oracle model. liquidity providers can stake funds in the mutual cover pool to share the compensation risk and share in the risk premium, while buyers can enjoy protection.

Meta Market is a protection aggregator. All existing protection protocols, protection NFTs, and protection tokens can be traded in the Meta Market. Meanwhile, users can generate their own protection products easily by setting some simple variables and trade them in Degis Meta Market.

In the DAO model, the discretionary mutual protection is provided by a DAO where all members are participants, which is backed by smart contracts.  

Degis will reward the most loyal users of the platform in various ways. No matter buyers, sellers and providers will be rewarded. Degis set LP mining pool with veDEG boosting function to stimulate LP providers, also the platform will launch buyer incentives pool to reward protection buyers. The most loyal platform users will be able to share the platform income in the future and also participate in the treasury box to play and earn.

What is DEG (Degis Token)?

DEG is 100 million supply. Degis Token is a utility token specially designed for the Degis Ecosystem. DEG is also empowering people with the power to participate and decide with every protection on Degis.

Degis Token Allocation
Degis Token Allocation
  • Mining:Mining is designed to incentive Degis ecosystem contributors. Based on the participating situation, we will make adjustments accordingly.
  • Staking:DEG will be rewarded to stakers who stake their DEG. Holders can set lock-up time to increase the allocation weight. The original weight for flexible staking is 1x, and the weight increases linearly to 2x when the lock-up time increases to 12 months.
  • Purchase incentive:Buyers will get buyer tokens when they consume on Degis platform, e.g. get 12 buyer tokens after consuming $12. Buyers can deposit their buyer tokens in the incentive pool. The pool will burn the inside buyer tokens every 24 hours and rewards DEG to buyers according to their share.
  • veDEG: The contribution of Degis participants has two scales: time duration and capital size. To better recognize it, we are implementing the veDEG system. veDEG is the most important token in Degis internal ecosystem. With veDEG, users can boost mining yield as well as govern the platform.

Roadmap of Degis token

The year 2022 is the year of the DeFi ecosystem explosion. Degis, as the first all-in-one protection protocol originally built on Avalanche, is creating a new path for crypto space.

Starting from token price protection (Naught Price) to impermanent loss protection, smart contract protection, and eventually to the Meta Market, Degis is going to fill the gap of current DeFi insurance and also integrate with protocols to cover their risk.

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