Block Earner Faces Legal Action in Australia for Lacking Crypto License  


  • Block Earner, a crypto startup, was ruled to operate illegally by an Australian court for not having the necessary license.  
  • The court differentiated Block Earner’s products with its “DeFi Access,” avoiding the legal issues faced by its fixed-return offerings.  
  • This case marks a significant move by ASIC to bring crypto companies under traditional financial regulatory frameworks in Australia.  
Block Earner Faces Legal Action in Australia for Lacking Crypto License  
Block Earner Faces Legal Action in Australia for Lacking Crypto License  

An Australian court has recently ruled against the cryptocurrency startup Block Earner, based in Sydney, for not holding the appropriate license required for its operations. This decision has established an important precedent in cryptocurrency regulation within Australia, demonstrating the government’s resolve to enforce clearer and more stringent rules in the burgeoning crypto market.

The court conducted a detailed review of Block Earner’s products, focusing on its fixed-return crypto offerings. It found these products did not meet the regulatory standards set forth by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). As a result, the court decreed that Block Earner should have registered these offerings as managed investment schemes. 

However, the court noted that Block Earner’s “DeFi Access” product, which links customers to decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols without a fixed return promise, did not fall under the same regulatory oversight.

ASIC’s Strategy for Crypto Regulation

This ruling is a key part of ASIC’s broader strategy to adapt financial regulations to the emerging crypto sector. ASIC has taken a proactive approach, initiating legal actions against companies operating in digital finance without complying with established regulatory frameworks. Through these actions, ASIC aims to adapt existing laws to accommodate better the unique and complex nature of digital currencies and financial technologies.

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The decision serves as a clear warning to all cryptocurrency businesses in Australia about the critical importance of adhering to regulatory requirements. With nearly one-third of Australians over 18 engaged in cryptocurrency transactions, the call for regulatory clarity and protection is stronger than ever. This case illuminates crypto businesses’ legal challenges and underscores the potential repercussions for those failing to comply.


The Australian legal and regulatory framework’s stance on Block Earner sends a strong message to the crypto industry about the necessity of regulatory compliance. It is a crucial step towards creating a more regulated, transparent, and secure digital finance environment in Australia, ensuring that investor interests are protected and a level playing field for all participants in the crypto market.

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