Bitmain Reveals Antminer T21 with Enhanced Efficiency and Protection Plan

Key Points:

  • Antminer T21 boasts 190 TH/s and 19 J/T efficiency.
  • Bitmain offers unique Bitcoin price protection.
  • T21 prioritizes energy optimization over raw performance.
Bitmain Reveals Antminer T21 with Enhanced Efficiency and Protection Plan
Bitmain Reveals Antminer T21 with Enhanced Efficiency and Protection Plan

Bitmain, a global leader in cryptocurrency mining solutions, recently unveiled its advanced rig, the Antminer T21, elevating the competition in the rapidly evolving Bitcoin mining industry. This new model, which follows closely on the heels of other innovative releases by major players, is set to disrupt the market with its impressive performance metrics and an unprecedented Bitcoin price protection plan.

Introducing the Antminer T21

The Antminer T21, introduced on October 25, is Bitmain’s latest offering, with a robust hashing power of 190 terahash per second (TH/s). More than just its speed, the device is a paragon of efficiency, maintaining an exceptional ratio of 19 joules per terahash (J/T), setting a new standard in minimizing energy consumption while maximizing output.

What makes this launch particularly noteworthy beyond the hardware itself is Bitmain’s response to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency. The company innovatively introduced a Bitcoin price fluctuation plan. This optional safeguard compensates customers if Bitcoin’s value plunges below a certain threshold during a predefined period, mitigating investment risks in a notoriously unpredictable market. Upon a qualifying market dip, the immediate compensation feature highlights Bitmain’s commitment to its customers’ financial security.

Bitmain’s Innovative Protection Plan

Comparing Bitmain’s recent innovations, the Antminer T21 may seem slightly overshadowed by the previous S21 series in raw performance. Specifically, the S21 series’ flagship models, the S21 Hyd, and the air-cooled S21, boast up to 335 TH/s and 200 TH/s, respectively, with even more impressive efficiency ratios. However, the T21 model offers a superior efficiency balance, particularly compared to the older S19 series, demonstrating Bitmain’s consistent pursuit of optimizing energy use.

Potential buyers should note the T21’s operational demand of 3,610 watts, indicating considerable power needs commensurate with its enhanced capabilities. Despite this, the T21 remains competitive in its physical specifications, mirroring the convenient size and weight characteristics of the S21 air-cooled models, thus not imposing additional logistical challenges for miners.

This period marks a flurry of strategic releases by industry titans, with Bitmain introducing three cutting-edge models, Canaan and MicroBT, all in the same year. This intense competition underscores the relentless pace of advancement in the Bitcoin mining hardware industry, with each firm striving to outdo the others in performance, efficiency, and, now, customer investment protection.


With the Antminer T21 expected to start shipping in the first quarter of 2024, Bitmain cements its position as a pioneering force in the mining industry and takes a significant step toward addressing customer concerns in the fluctuating crypto space.

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