MEXC P2P: 8 Reasons to pick us as your first cryptocurrency provider!

Exchanges, crypto forums and personal meets aren’t the only options for buying cryptocurrencies. Learn about the benefits of peer-to-peer services of MEXC and join traditional trading fast and safely with MEXC P2P Marketplace!

Main Upshots:

  • Reputable P2P/OTC platforms like MEXC P2P Marketplace allow smooth crypto transactions between two users. Each side can select a suitable payment option and complete the deal, using the desired currency.
  • MEXC unites more than 7 million traders from 200 regions, supports multiple languages, currencies and payment methods – this means our P2P trading platform is full of offers in all corners of the world.
  • In this article, we are sharing our thoughts on why MEXC P2P is a reliable way to buy crypto.

What is the advantage of peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces if compared to other ways of buying crypto and what’s the difference from good-old crypto exchanges? Marketplaces & exchanges share the same features and are used for swapping your digital coins for fiat currencies (or other coins) upon your choice. However, when taking a closer look at the possibilities of these two services, we can spot the fundamental difference. P2P services like MEXC P2P offer users a chance to trade their cryptocurrencies with each other.

This article contains 8 solid reasons why choosing P2P platforms like MEXC brings more benefits, provides more control of your assets and saves you plenty of money.

1. Online Chat

With MEXC P2P, you get the possibility to communicate with any person you’re dealing with. It’s a perfect opportunity to get to know your counterparty. Discuss all nuances and options before “shaking hands” with the help of live chat.

2. 24/7 Help Center

As MEXC P2P unites users from different parts of the world, it felt essential to provide the support that is always available. Regardless of the current time in your country, you can always write your questions in live chat, submit requests without leaving the platform or resolve any problems. 

3. Low Fees

Additional charges may be painful, especially when talking about large sums of money. Client-oriented P2P platforms offer favorable options. With MEXC P2P, there will be no fees for P2P-trading at all! Charges for withdrawal are dynamic and can be tracked live here.

4. Compatible With All Devices

Bring your marketplace literally everywhere where you can find a stable Internet connection. MEXC shows high performance and quick response on both desktop and mobile versions. The platform works the same flawlessly on iOS-, Android- or Windows-based devices.

5. Local Currency and Language

Users of MEXC speak dozens of languages so the service made it possible to perform all operations as comfortably as possible. Switch to the desired language – from Korean to Turkish. Choose the local currency that ensures the best profit. Be yourself and feel at home, while getting localized support and services.

6. Safe and Licensed

MEXC is licensed in multiple countries around the world. Our P2P Marketplace prioritizes the safety of users’ assets by providing strong security system. Each transaction is verified by encryption.

7. Rapid Transactions

The speed depends on many factors, including the chosen currency and payment method. The systems of some banks may take up to 3 business days to process the transfer, especially in case of international transactions. However, when selecting online wallet as a method of payment, rest assured that it won’t take long.

8. Bonuses and Privileges

MEXC encourages new members by New User Reward Program. Join our crypto community, complete the tasks and get a generous bonuses. Or become a privileged user and benefit from individual fees, insurance, get invitations to the top online events, and other advantages.

Ready To Buy Digital Coins? Make a Fresh Start with MEXC P2P Marketplace

Begin with a simple step of registration on MEXC. You will need to protect your account with a long and secure password. For quicker access, download the app from Google Play and have the entire exchange in your pocket. As soon as your account is verified, you can immerse yourself into the cryptocurrencies community. And be sure to read other Academy & Blog articles about other MEXC products and services.

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