50% Trading Fees Deduction in MEXC With MX Tokens – Ultimate Guide

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, rejoice! A bombshell that’s set to revolutionize the way we trade has dropped. Imagine slashing your trading fees in half – a dream come true for many in the crypto community. In this guide, we’ll delve into the details of this announcement. Let us find out how to receive a 50% Trading Fees Deduction in MEXC!

The Exciting Announcement: 50% Trading Fees Deduction

Breaking news: MEXC has decided to reward its community by introducing a groundbreaking initiative – a 50% reduction in trading fees for MX Token holders. This move not only incentivizes users to acquire and hold MX Tokens. It also adds a layer of exclusivity to the trading experience on MEXC.

How to Obtain a 50% Trading Fee Deduction on MEXC?

No rocket science is involved here. You simply need to hold MX Tokens! That’s right, MX tokens are the key to receiving a whopping 50% Trading Fee Deduction on MEXC!

Here is a step-by-step guide to receive your discount on MEXC:

  1. Create an account on MEXC.
  2. Head to the market and purchase a minimum of 1,000 MX Tokens.
  3. Ensure that your MX Tokens remain in the spot wallet for 15 consecutive days.
  4. After 15 days, you will automatically receive a 50% trading fee deduction!


For your information, the 50% Trading Fee Deduction on MEXC applies to both maker and taker fees on the spot and futures trading.

Spot Trading

Maker Fee: 0.1% (0.05% with 50% Trading Fee Deduction activated)

Taker Fee: 0.1% (0.05% with 50% Trading Fee Deduction activated)

Futures Trading

Maker Fee: 0.01% (0.005% with 50% Trading Fee Deduction activated)

Taker Fee: 0.050% (0.025% with 50% Trading Fee Deduction activated)

Furthermore, you will still receive a minor discount if you do not have enough MX tokens. If your MX tokens are less than 1,000, a 10% discount will be applied instead.

What else Can You Get With 1,000 MX Tokens on MEXC?

MEXC actually offers a lot of benefits when you hold more than 1,000 MX Tokens. You can immediately participate in MEXC’s Launchpad and Kickstarter. In return, you could receive 30+ airdrops weekly, more than 120 airdrops every month!

You can participate in Launchpad and Kickstarter by holding 1,000 MX tokens or more for 30 consecutive days.

Learn all about it at: Easy Way to Earn Free New Tokens and Profits at MEXC

Why is MEXC’s Trading Fee So Low?

MEXC’s trading is so low because we want you to trade without worries! Did you know that MEXC has one of the lowest trading fees in the entire crypto market? That’s right, with MEXC, you can enjoy spot and futures trading with the lowest fees on the market.


The market is green, the benefits are huge, and the time is now! Hold 1,000 MX tokens at MEXC to receive free airdrops daily and trade with discounts! Start your trading journey at MEXC!

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