Radiant Capital Hit by Flash Loan Attack, Loses $4.5 Million

Key Points:

  • Radiant Capital faced a significant security breach with a $4.5 million loss due to a flash loan attack on its new USDC market.
  • The swift response of Radiant DAO to the hacking incident underscores the importance of rapid action in blockchain security breaches.
  • The growing trend of hacking incidents in the cryptocurrency industry, with losses amounting to $1.5 billion, raises concerns about digital asset security.
Radiant Capital Hit by Flash Loan Attack, Loses $4.5 Million
Radiant Capital Hit by Flash Loan Attack, Loses $4.5 Million

Radiant Capital, a key player in the crypto and DeFi space, has encountered a severe setback. The company’s newly established native USDC market on the Arbitrum network was compromised, resulting in a loss of approximately $4.5 million.

PeckShield, a blockchain security and analytics firm, reported the incident involving a flash loan attack on Radiant Capital’s cross-chain lending protocol. The attack, which occurred seconds after the launch of the new market, exploited a vulnerability typical in the lending industry, similar to those seen on platforms like Compound and Aave.

Rapid Response and Market Pause

Following the attack, the Radiant DAO committee, comprising Web 3 security experts and developers, acted swiftly. They temporarily halted the loan market on Arbitrum to address the breach. This decisive action highlights the critical importance of quick response in managing digital security threats.

However, Radiant Capital acknowledged the breach and assured that an investigation was underway. As a precaution, the Radiant DAO Council has paused its lending and borrowing markets on Arbitrum. They have also reassured stakeholders that funds are currently secure.

A comprehensive postmortem report is expected following the resolution of this issue. It will provide deeper insights into the breach and steps to prevent future occurrences. Arbitrum’s operations will resume normalcy after the investigation concludes.

Continuing Concerns in Crypto Security

This incident adds to a worrying trend in the crypto industry. Reports suggest that as of September 2023, the sector has suffered $1.5 billion in losses due to hacks and fraud. The increasing frequency of such attacks underscores the escalating security challenges in the digital asset space.


This incident at Radiant Capital emphasizes the need for heightened security measures in the cryptocurrency and DeFi sectors. It serves as a reminder of the vulnerabilities in digital finance and the importance of rapid response and thorough investigation in safeguarding digital assets.

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