At MEXC, we are dedicated to providing exceptional value and an enhanced trading experience for our community. Central to our ecosystem is the MX Token, our native utility token crafted to deliver many benefits to our loyal users. In the MEXC Blog, we invite you to discover the power of our curated articles and guides on crypto airdrop campaigns.

MEXC MX is the native token of the MEXC platform. 40% of the profits on MEXC will be used to burn MX. Currently, MX tokens are used in various scenarios such as Launchpad, Kickstarter new token listing voting, and trading fee deduction. MEXC Exchange, we are committed to delivering unparalleled value and an enhanced trading experience to our community. At the heart of our ecosystem is the MX Token (MX), our native utility token designed to offer a suite of benefits to our dedicated users. Enjoy Trading

  • Fee Discounts: As an MX Token holder, you can enjoy reduced trading fees, making your trading activities more cost-effective.
  • Use your MX Tokens to pay for trading fees and benefit from significant discounts, keeping more of your profits in your pocket.
  • Maximize Your Earnings with Staking and Yield