MEXC Background

Basic Token Information

What is PAX Gold (PAXG)?

PAX Gold is a stablecoin created by Paxos Standard. It is backed by physical gold reserves. Think about it as a vehicle between two investment options - cryptocurrency and gold. PAX Gold offers security and stability.

What is Biconomy (BICO)?

Biconomy is a platform that utilizes blockchain technology to provide decentralized applications (dApp) for users with Web3 benefits. Biconomy aims to construct a simple transaction infrastructure, so that even users who don't know crypto very well can use it easily.

What is RiceSwap (RICE)?

RiceSwap is the first decentralized financial platform in the world. It allows users to take part in DeFi such as liquidity mining and automated market makers (AMM). To achieve this, RiceSwap integrates fiat money and cryptocurrency.